Tier 1

TPC Comments

With no news of a balance update expect to see Onomat dominate again while we return to a Side Deck format. The deck's consistency and flexibility is unmatched.

As we return to side deck tournaments, Onomat returns to being the best deck by a wide margin and possibly the only one worth playing for anyone that intends to win. The KC Cup has seen a slight resurgence of builds that remove Loading... for more defensive cards, but duelists can expect to see that card return to the Main Deck, so one can draw their high-impact Side Deck cards more often.

Tier 2

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Thunder Dragon is a bit higher up than in the past few Side Deck format weeks (probably because of residual KCC bias). Expect plenty of Loading... and Loading... to return in the Side Deck to bog them down. It's still an explosive deck that can play around these cards when it doesn't brick so be prepared for Thunder Dragons.

Tier 3

TPC Comments

When it comes to Tier Three, most of the decks are pretty much the same as what we had prior to the KCC with one exception: Cyber Dragon. Cyber Dragon deserves to be tiered since it's opening hands can allow a 2 to 5 card combo to beat any deck thanks to Cyber Style . Be prepared this week to face Cyber Dragons in tournaments until we get a balance update, as people will want to give it "one last ride."