Top Player Council Thoughts

This week many events in the community have begun testing side-decks again, so this Tier List update will be centered around the 5-card side format (instead of the 2-deck format). In addition to the many anytime tournaments held throughout this week, we also had the qtp-TUS Invitational wherein Fur Hires continued their dominance of the side-deck format and Amazoness showed its first signs of struggling to keep up.

Tier 1

In the side-deck format, the two most consistent, powerful, and versatile decks have remained above all others. Fur Hires can explode into Loading... -fueled OTKs or sit on Loading... , while Vampires can easily swarm and search out most of their deck at will.

TPC Comments:


With side deck format only having been played for about a week now, it seems Fur Hire are the dominant Tier 1 deck. Being able to side deck Loading... , Loading... s (that aren't already mained), Loading... , etc., is beyond powerful. I'd hate to be the Vampire player staring down a defense position Wiz backed by a possible Cosmic Cyclone/Loading... set, not to mention a Skull Meister in hand.

Vampires, in a side decking format still contend well, and will just need to adapt it's side/main deck to accommodate for the tough Fur matchup.


These decks continue to thrive in the meta and prove to be the two most dominant decks. Fur Hires and Vampires both have very strong turn 1 plays and are both consistent, Vampires just being slightly more consistent. Wiz negation + access to Donpa/ECon, or both, is still very hard to deal with.

Luke Tyler:

Fur Hires, being the newest addition to the Tier 1 decks in the recent weeks, continue to prove their relevance in the metagame. Fur Hires are no longer the "brainless" sacky deck it once was - it now plays out many of its games in a slow, controlled fashion. The side deck has also not proved to be a massive threat to Fur Hire's tournament performance.


As we've seen in the "old days," Fur Hires are completely dominant in side deck format. Vampires remain in Tier 1 for now due to strong consistency and outs to many situations. However, don't be surprised to see them drop down in the future due to the fact that there are many unavoidable side deck cards that can completely shut them down.


In side deck tournaments these are the two strongest decks because they can adapt more easily. They can use Jinzo against Amazoness (mainly Vampires that can summon it easily), although at the same time Loading... has been the best side card vs Vampires. Fur Hire still has one of the strongest cards in the meta game... Wiz. Its negation effect makes several side cards less effective, protecting it in the side-deck format. And Vampires have their great spam of monsters + Cyber Style and can run almost any tribute monster you want, such as Jinzo, Loading... , and Loading... .