As we approach the second stage of the KaibaCorp Cup, the Tier List changes to focus on the Best-of-1 Ladder Environment. This is the TPC's predictions for what will do well in Stage 2.

Tier 1


TPC Comments


Harpies remain at Tier 1 even in no-Side KCC format, the deck has very good match-ups and draw power to help them draw into the techs they need. The deck is also very flexible when it comes to tech space and deck building, which allows it to be able to adapt when facing anything. Examples include Loading... for Destiny HEROs and Loading... for Thunder Dragons. Loading... also makes it so that you don't have to worry about random backrow decks, which makes even unexpected matchups favourable. With such high consistency, flexibility, and good match-ups overall, this deck is definitely the top KCC candidate.


Harpies still stand as one of the most powerful decks in the meta game. It will show its true self this KCC, outclassing almost every other deck this KCC (aside from Thunder Dragons when it doesn't brick, but that’s not the point). It still remains more consistent than almost everything that will be seen this KCC due to Loading.... I’ll have fun making this deck join my banlist wishlist.

Tier 2

Thunder Dragons

TPC Comments


Melodious remain at Tier 2 for the KCC. Still a strong deck, the expected resurgence of Thunder Dragon over the KCC should give it a boost. With a combination of Loading... controlling the graveyard, limited outs to Loading... and Loading... to pressure the handtraps, it should have a strong winrate against Thunder Dragons. Harpies still remain a tough matchup for this deck, but with a variety of decks moving into Tier 3, this deck can bolster its winrate by picking off graveyard-reliant strategies and strategies relying on destruction-based removal. Overall, Melodious are a strong deck for the KCC and are expected to take up multiple spots in the Top 100.


Melodious enters its first KCC sitting pretty high up in the Tier List. It's a deck that checks off a lot of boxes in a checklist (battle phase dominance through Loading..., graveyard removal in Loading..., etc), but overall I think it should be played as an aggressive deck. The follow-up for this deck is a little lackluster (except through techs like Loading... and Loading.... While the matchup into Harpies is far from ideal, it will definitely fare well against the many Thunder Dragons and Destiny HEROs that we'll see throughout the KCC. If you choose to use Melodious this KCC, I think your selection of Traps during various stages of the 72 hours will be crucial. For example, Loading... might be a better choice over Loading... if there's an upsurge of Harpies on the KCC ladder. Furthermore, your choice of having a smaller decksize (20-22) versus a larger decksize (>24) might become a factor too. In conclusion, Melodious is a very solid choice for the KCC and I do expect many of them to be played within the Top 100.


The best deck has returned to the Tier List once again. Thunder Dragons are expected to do well in this upcoming KCC and they are gonna take a bunch of top spots in the Top 100. An extremely well-played Thunder Dragon can take on any deck in the current meta with ease, boasting favored match-ups against Harpies, Destiny HEROs and Tech Genus. The combination of hand traps and Loading... is too hard to deal with for these kinds of decks. If you are experienced with Thunder Dragons and can pilot the deck really well, you can definitely rack up a lot of points.