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Harpies need to adapt again to deal with resonators, but they have done so in past weeks and will do so again, as they can still add any tech card to the toolbox and draw them with Loading... . Harpies were already running Loading... and LP Boost Alpha to survive Onomat OTKs and trigger Loading... by banishing Diet from graveyard, this strategy already works against Resonators. The deck is versatile, consistent and tech reliant as it has been since the beginning, so as long as they aren't restricted they will always find a way to deal with new rivals.

Luke Tyler

Harpies remain to be a dominant force in the meta. While the deck is one that most are very familiar with at this point, there are some deck-building trends worth talking about. One of which is the use Loading... and Loading... . These cards are used so that Loading... may be activated to deal with Loading... . Drawing these cards isn't necessarily the end of the world either, since they are at least level 4 monsters with decent standalone. The 30-card Loading... build commonly prefers Zephyros over Glife due to its better synergy with Ddiscard Traps. Larger Harpie builds sometimes also use Loading... with Loading... for a different way of dealing with Number 18. The other notable trend is the use of Loading... to counter aggressive strategies using backrow removal like Loading... - mainly Onomat, and maybe decks like Resonator and Cyber Dragon too. By halving all damage that turn the Harpie player essentially ensures they will not get OTK'd (aside from a Cyber Dragon Loading... god hand of course), and although the graveyard effect of Damage Diet may not seem useful as it only stops effect damage - but it has excellent synergy with Harpies as you can do that effect at any point to trigger the effect of Loading... . While this card is typically a Side Deck choice used in tournaments, there may be points in the KCGT where OTK decks are very popular where Damage Diet could see play.

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Onomats have recieved a new rival in the latest Mini BOX in the form of Resonators. The deck can gain 2100 LP Turn 1, making it very difficult to OTK through especially when paired with Loading... (would need to Loading... into Loading... + Loading... ). Addinf to that the deck's ability to OTK Turn 1 Loading... + a Monster thanks to Loading... . Therefore, Onomat have shifted towards maindecking Loading... as it keeps you alive provided they don't open Loading... (unlike Bounzer). Overall, the No Side format will make the deck weaker against non-backrow decks as you can no longer side cards like Loading... against Fire King and Loading... against Thunder Dragons anymore. However, the Harpie matchup remains very good and Resonator is unfavored (often dependant who goes first). Onomats might shift to less backrow hate and maining Loading... in the upcoming format to have better chances vs the non-backrow decks.

With all that, the deck remains Tier 2 for now, which might change if Resonators have a big impact on the meta in the following weeks.

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