Tier 1

TPC Comments:


Blue-Eyes remains the best deck in format. It can reliably deal with all other decks in the meta in a side deck environment.

Subterror has proven itself to be a formidable deck which has had an immediate impact on the meta. Subterror is a very powerful deck but it can be easily disrupted with cards such as Loading... and Loading...


Blue-Eyes remains currently the best deck, with great match ups even against the newly added subterrors. The ability of this deck to swarm the board with high ATK beaters is something that most of the current meta decks cannot follow and deal with. Also, a really strong part of this deck is the "free" backrow disruption with Loading... and the multiple snipes with Loading... , which can wipe full boards in an instant and at the same time setup multiple special summons during the end phase. The latter are overwhelming for all the meta decks, thus Blue Eyes remains on the top of the tier list.


Subterrors entered the meta and they're showing great results! Loading... is just an extremely broken card and combined with the removal provided by Loading... and Loading... they're able to beat a lot of threats.


Subterrors have proven to be one of the most powerful and consistent decks in this meta, being able to deal with both backrow and protection effects, as well as being enabled by their borderline broken trap. However they are heavily reliant on Masked Tribute , a Skill not working as intended and likely to be hit, and get shut down by continuous traps like Loading... .


Blue-Eyes stays dominant in this meta with Subterror joining them as another Top Tier deck. It's ability to spam out 3000 ATK beaters is unmatched in this meta. The Subterror match up is slightly favoured thanks to Sealed Tombs preventing Loading... 's effect, Loading... banishing Loading... , and side deck cards like Loading... .

Subterror is extremely powerful as soon as it starts rolling. Masked Tribute breaks this deck and Loading... is easily the best card in the game. Loading... and Loading... cause a lot of trouble for other decks.


Subterrors have made a very strong splash into the tournament scene. Leading into the MCS, they will easily be the biggest threat alongside Blue-Eyes.