Tier 1

TPC Comments:


Not much has changed at the top of the tier list. Blue-Eyes has had very strong performances this week in the SEM cup and the PCT. Blue-Eyes is getting closer to optimization as top performing builds drop Loading... in favor of more impactful tech cards & consistency. Not many decks can stand up to a constant stream of 3000+ ATK monsters, built-in backrow removal and Loading... .

Neos remains in Tier 1 due to its ability to go toe-to-toe with most decks on the Tier List. Neos is a very versatile deck which can be built in many ways. The best performing build this week is a control variant which has chosen to not use the Loading... package and instead using more tech cards like Loading... and Loading... .


Blue-Eyes continues to show very good results in a variety of tournaments. Most decks are still not able to deal with the consistent spam of 3000 ATK monsters, making Blue-Eyes the best deck at the moment.


Blue-Eyes has some explosive plays with multiple big beaters on board with high OTK potential. Many decks struggle to deal with the swarming ability of big beaters combined with Sealed Tombs , a great anti-meta skill against Neos, Vampires, and the mirror match.

Neos is still the best splashable engine in the game with a lot of room to adapt to the meta. Neos can struggle against Blue-Eyes and thats the reason why more and more people play cards like Loading... to deal with their swarming power.

Tier 2


Ancient Gears are performing very well at the moment. The deck does not care about Loading... , Loading... battle traps or flip effect monsters which can make up half of a Neos player's deck. Blue-eyes (and its own bricks) keep the deck in check, but with Blue-eyes opting to drop Loading... , is this really the case?


Ancient Gears have been showing better results the past week. They benefit off of the popularity of flip effect monsters like Loading... . Just like Loading... : Loading... is also tough to overcome for a lot of decks. With the right techs they can handle the Blue-Eyes match-up well enough.