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Top Player Council Thoughts

Two strong new decks in Amazoness and Spellbooks are now available and are having a significant influence on the meta. These decks bring two very powerful backrow cards — Loading... and Loading... — into a meta previously dominated by monster effects.

Tier 1

Amazoness has been placed in Tier 1. Because the previous meta was so fast and OTK-oriented, it will take time for the meta to adjust around a new top-tier control deck. But right now, Amazoness is extremely consistent, swarms with ease, and can be very difficult to deal with.

TPC comments on Amazoness

Loading... and Loading... greatly improved the new Amazoness deck in terms of consistency. Also, if you can't deal with Queen, you will likely lose as they can just keep attacking and removing your monsters with Loading... . Hurts several top decks in the meta, including HEROs, Spellbooks, and Aliens.