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This is the LAST Tier List for this iteration of the Top Player Council. April 2020 marks the beginning of Season 11 and a new Top Player Council, I would personally like to thank this iteration of TPC for their comments, they've been a big help in writing these articles every week - Cheers!

Tier 1

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The rise of Thunder Dragons (thanks to Loading... ) and the popularity rising popularity of Shiranui has given Blue-Eyes trouble, as they have a very hard time getting over Loading... and they have to preemptively tag out Loading... if they dont want to risk getting blown out by Levianeer. They are still performing well enough to get multiple decks in Top Cut, however, a decline in their performance is expected. The deck can play nicely around backrow and spam the field with big monsters. Loading... is a nice option for the deck from the new Selection Box which can help in the Shiranui matchup and the mirror.


With the addition of Loading... , Thunder Dragons have gained some added power. The core engine of most Thunder Dragon builds lets you summon Levianeer easily. The standard Loading... into Loading... with Loading... play was already strong, but now theres the threat of dropping a Levianeer right after or sometimes even before. Also being able to trigger Thunder Dragon monster effects when banished to summon Levianeer nets you so much advantage.


Blue-Eyes have gained another option for there trap lineup in Loading... . This card significantly helps Blue-Eyes with its Shiranui matchup as it gives them a reliable way to deal with Loading... . The secondary effect of Karma Cut banishing cards from the graveyard with the same name as the banished monster also comes up. For example, banishing an Loading... could disrupt an Elementsaber's Loading... play, by removing its graveyard targets in the right gamestate.


The addition of Loading... is what really pushes Thunder Dragons to Tier 1. Their consistency at setting up their graveyard for Levianeer and the value they get off of even summoning him is unmatched, as you go positive in card advantage from both the Levianeer effect and the Thunder Dragon banish effects. It parallels Loading... in it's ability to break board and I believe it will be a major factor in the KC Cup.

Tier 2

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