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Davide Magri

Star Seraph Darklords remain at Tier 1 due to the sheer raw power they have compared to other decks. Handlooping your opponent while drawing a bunch of cards and setting up two negates is nothing to laugh at, and as players come to understand this deck more and more, different cards will be teched in it due to its great draw power of the possibility of just adding them via Destiny Draw . Level Tuning remains a powerful Skill that could potentially end games on its own, but it requires you to draw at least a playable hand, which might not happen on a regular basis. Overall, the deck has a really high ceiling, and on a good day, nothing really beats it, but it's still a risky choice due to potential unplayable hands, which happen to be pretty common.

Max K

Blue eyes remain at Tier 1. It has the most representation by and good matchup across the board, and it's very difficult to consistently counter.

Against Star Seraph Darklord the deck usually wins by holding up the Star Seraph combo with Loading... or Loading... and spamming the field with multiple 3000 ATK beaters which Darklords cannot deal with outside of using new tech cards like Loading... which alone can catch a Blue-Eyes player by surprise when he is not carefully tagging out Loading... and potentially push for game.

Against Water Xyz, Loading... or Loading... tag-outs play through backrow and Loading... Pops. Going first you win fairly consistently with Loading... unless the Water player draws special techs like Loading... or Loading... (that sometimes get mained since Blue-Eyes is just everywhere).

Fire King has huge trouble dealing with Loading... negating the grave and techs like Loading... or Loading... banishing multiple Loading... or Loading... . Fire King usually have to try force a tag out and protect from getting lethaled with Loading... or Hand Trap, then wipe the board with Garunix to have a chance to win.

Thunder Dragons sometimes struggle outing or OTKing through Loading... into Loading... and avoiding getting OTK'd back by boss monsters like Loading... . Usually, Thunder Dragon needs to see uninterrupted Loading... plays and summon Loading... to OTK Blue-Eyes through set-up.

Cyber Dragon also has issues dealing with multiple big beaters protected from Loading... with Loading... , which ends up requiring drawing Loading... , backrow removal, Loading... , and tech cards like Loading... to play through.

Overall, while most tiered decks have answers to Blue-Eyes, they need draw almost perfectly to consistently hold Blue-Eyes back in its tracks.

Tier 2


Upon further inspection of the meta, it is clear that while Water Xyz is still a Top 3 deck in the format, it is the weakest of the 3. The demotion from Tier 1 to Tier 2 illustrates this by seperating it from Blue Eyes and Star Seraph Darklords. The problem being that both of these decka have much higher ceilings than Water Xyz, meaning they can power through Water's best hands and outresource them. However, the strength of Water remains in being able to punish opponent's average/bad hands by easily OTKing with Loading... and Loading... plays. The representation for the deck is starting to die down so it could benefit in the future from less dedicated Side Deck counters like Loading... or Loading... , meaning there is still hope in the future for Water Xyz, but for now it is very unlikely this deck will jump up to Tier 1 again.


As the meta gradually progresses, we have decided to downgrade Water Xyz to Tier 2. Reasons for this decision are their difficulty to keep up with other Tier 1 decks. Their matchup against Darklords is usually terrible, as the deck's resources can be exhausted very easily and it constantly has to contend with multiple negates. You would think cards like Loading... might help, however Darklords can quickly adapt this problem with Destiny Draw to counter those cards. The Blue-Eyes matchup isn't always favored, as the deck can easily be overpowered by multiple beatsticks if you're second in turn and/or can't build pressure quickly enough. Dealing with Loading... can be a nuisance for sure, as you either have to use up multiple resources or be forced to play techs like Loading... . Overall. I believe this deck is still in a decent spot, but clearly has to adapt to maintain its position.

Tier 3

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