With the KCGT Qualifiers coming up this weekend, this Tier List is moreso focused on a Best-of-1 Ladder environment.

Luke Tyler

This week's Tier List is based on the KC Cup Grand Tournament scheduled to occur this weekend. Tiers have been assembled based on the TPC's predictions of what will perform well in the 3-day event. When it comes to KC Cup environments, some decks are noticeably stronger than they would be in tournaments - whether it be due to the ability to accumulate fast wins at a high winrate, or being more weak to popular side deck choices.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Crystrons remain as the sole Tier 1 option for the upcoming KC GT, simply by being a well-rounded deck with very few bad matchups. Additionally, in the KC GT, they do not have to deal with popular side deck cards such as Loading... and Loading... . This deck is not the fastest, so players who play this will not have the most games played but can have a particularly good win percentage if piloted well.

Many different variations of Crystron should be able to do well. The Mythic Depths version with Loading... should give players a particularly good advantage against other Crystron decks or against decks such as Elementsabers. However, if the meta is filled with decks such as Shiranui and Dark Magician, then Crystron players should be able to find a lot of success with more aggressive versions (more Loading... s or Loading... s) and playing skills such as Loading... and See You Later! instead. Many high-ranking players during the KC GT will probably play this deck at one point and it will be interesting to see how it performs.

Tier 2

TPC Comments


Elementsabers are expected to be a very strong deck heading into the KCGT. Due to its ability to shut down the Big 3 OTK decks being Cyber Dragons, HEROs, and Blackwings through Loading... and Loading... , while also having a good Crystron matchup (the non-Loading... variants, at least) through Molehu + Backrow. It's a very slow deck though so they're going to be similar to Crystrons, with a high winrate and low amount of games played.


Blackwings appropriately remain at Tier 2 for the upcoming KC GT. They can explode very easily and end games quickly. Through playing Peak Performance or Harpies' Hunting Ground as their skills, they have easy access to the very powerful floodgate, Loading... , with Loading... ’s effect. Additionally, Loading... continues to provide Blackwings with a very solid turn one play, something they lacked before.