Tier 1

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Being around for more then a week, Resonators increased their popularity by a lot. With its high consistency and the ability to shuffle back a card the deck can run crazy techs like Loading... , Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and many more. The ability to shuffling back situational cards with Demon's Resonance allows the deck to run "side deck" cards in the main and trade them for a combo piece when not needed.

The deck plays really fast games and runs out of resources quickly, making the deck completely unable to grind out games. This makes every topdeck precious once you're out of Skill uses, which is even more important in the mirror matches where it comes down to a simplified game state where the better draw wins.

The deck is perfect for the KCGT because going first with 3 monsters and 6100 Life Points makes you really hard to OTK, on top of Resonator's own OTK-ability. Additionally, it's simple to play so even 72-hour fatigue can't stop you from making misplays (don't try this at home kids)


Who would have thought that breaking whatever's left to such a term as consistency is out of all possible decks that’s going to be the point of no return would be duty of... Resonators?! They have 3 starters, they have 3 searchers and the also have a skill in Demon’s Resonance that can search either for combo piece or an extender. The deck in terms of power doesn’t do anything incredible, right? But when you do the same “average in terms of powerlevel” board over and over again, with consistency close to an absurd 95%, while also having guaranteed follow-up for two0 and sometimes three turns - it’s a completely different story. It doesn’t matter how powerful are other decks if what they do doesn’t match Resonators consistency. When we were in Star Seraph format, we valued power over consistency and this made that format so high-roll, but now the tables have been turned.


Resonators are the new hot topic: they have high representation, high consitency, and high techability thanks to Demon's Resonance . However, the deck runs out of fuel relatively quickly and it lacks a competent boss monster. These downsides will have an impact on the future potential for Resonators and it's quite possible we could see a decline in representation. Does that mean the deck doesn't deserve Tier 1 status? No, the deck has earned its spot, but I believe it might lose its Tier 1 some time after the KCGT.

Tier 2

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Thunder Dragons are expected to be very strong in KCGT format as the deck'ss core is versatile enough to handle the meta decks without needing a Side Decj thanks to their ability grind with handtraps to survive into a Loading... followup, dismantling the opponent's field. The deck also has a good matchup against Resonators, which is the most popular deck at the moment. Since resonators have a hard time grinding against the floating of Loading... and handtraps it often relies on searching Loading... to try to floodgate thunders from using discards and hope its enough, and if that fails the duel shifts in thunder dragons favor quickly. Overall, Thunders have positive matchups against most decks aside from Fire Kings and decks maining Loading... in a non-side environment, and with that the deck is promoted to Tier 2


Thunder Dragons play a lot slower now with Fiend Farewell , but it’s doing its job, stalling time with Handtraps, filling the grave with Loading... and control the graveyard with Loading... , while spamming endless Rank 6 Xyz Monsters. In such variation of Thunders, Levi became a highroll card that’s usually not even needed.