This edition of the Tier List has special attention paid to the World Championship Qualifiers, and occurs right after Meta Championship Series 19. As such, this Tier List is specifically for the best of 1, ladder format of the Region Representative Qualifier (RRQ).

Tier 1

TPC Comments:


Blue-Eyes is fast and consistent and as such is perfect on the ladder. Adding in Loading... to the mix with Loading... solves some of the decks issues and is better than using snipe hunter.

Koa'ki Neos has proven itself as the strongest Neos variant. The deck has a lot of raw power, is quick and easy to play. Expect it to do well in a ladder environment.


Blue-Eyes is the best deck there is to play for the RRQ. It has the ability to control the backrow easily with Loading... , and usually has a great front row advantage as Loading... and Loading... can easily get out Loading... multiple times in a single turn. Not to mention 3000 ATK/2500 DEF are stats to be reckoned with. Pair it up with Loading... , a valuable card that can potentially board wipe your opponent and Loading... , also very useful in surviving big turns from your opponent. All around this deck has everything which is why it's the best to play and sitting strong at Tier 1. Just remember to tech in some Loading... s for those feisty Buster Blader players, the only deck that gives blue eyes some trouble.

Koa'ki Neos is one of top decks there is at the moment, with a lot of tech space to adapt to any deck. Loading... and Loading... have the strongest pair of effects and are the driving force of the deck. Loading... and Loading... with their protection effects also make it impossible to deal with through common destruction effects like Loading... . Techs like Loading... can be good against this but Loading... is used quite a bit in these decks. There are so many things to be mindful of such as techs like Loading... or the combo of Loading... and Loading... . The versatility of this deck obviously makes it extremely difficult to know how to play against it which is its biggest strength.


Blue-Eyes is the best choice for this RRQ in terms of consistency and fast games. The deck can deal with backrow and clear boards really easy with great OTK potential.

Koa'ki Meiru is one of the best choices for the RRQ grind, the deck is explosive, has fast games with great OTK potential and multiple combos, but it needs to be built correctly with the Loading... engine and not pure Koa'ki. This deck has in its arsenal one of the best destruction monster effects in the current meta in Loading... , since the meta is heavily based on special summoned monsters. Even decks like Blue-Eyes have started playing Loading... instead of Loading... . This deck has space for different techs and different play styles and it can adapt to the most played decks during the RRQ as the meta changes over the span of 3 days.


Blue-Eyes had a really good showing this MCS, getting the most spots in the Top 32! Although people are trying harder to counter them, which is shown by the rising popularity of Red-Eyes and Buster Blader they continue to do well. They're also a relatively fast deck which could be important in the RRQ.

Tier 2