Tier 1

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Red-Eyes being able to summon a minimum 2800 ATK monster with 1 or multiple targeting negates and being able to abuse a really broken card for Duel Links in Loading... makes it a Top Tier deck. Even though it can get hard countered in a Bo3 format this deck deserves to maintain the Tier 1 title for another week.


Subterrors continue to be one of the most dominant forces in the meta. Their extremely unfair openings which are basically auto-wins just give them a huge advantage over a lot of other decks.


Subterrors is arguably the most dominant deck of this format. Thanks to the powerful effects of Loading... and Loading... in combination with Loading... - one of the most complete traps in the game - they can easily control the frontrow and the backrow snowballing the advantage each turn.


Subterrors dominance continues to show as it consistently has the highest representation in top cuts out of any deck across several tourneys recently. The deck's power to deal with almost any other deck on the Tier List, its consistency and the power of Loading... and Loading... make it a top choice for tournaments.


Subterrors continue to be one of the most represented and dominant forces in the tournament scene. Loading... being a new option to enable the bigger monsters and serve as a body definitely gave the deck a slight boost in resiliency.

Tier 2

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