Tier 1

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Luke Tyler

Resonator remains at Tier 1 due to how strong itss engine appears to be in the current meta. The deck boasts consistency with essentially 6 copies of Loading... (due to Loading... ), and even just drawing Loading... is often enough to get the ball rolling. Crimson Resonator together with Loading... allows the deck to push over a field without normal summoning, and the skill Demon's Resonance allows for almost every hand to start with Wildwind. Loading... is an excellent form of in-engine removal, and the deck has plenty of room for tech cards without damaging consistency. Red Resonator constantly replenishing Life Points means that the deck sometimes even loses on going through all of its resources before its Life Points drop to 0. In regards to deck building trends, Loading... together with Loading... have become a popular engine to use in the deck - giving the deck another nice level 4 to make Loading... with along with the ability to search Plasma if need be. Strong perfomances from the deck are expected to continue.

Tier 2

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Davide Magri

Harpies are slowly getting phased out of the meta, as they don't really have a way to deal with Resonators in their engine, and their only possibility of stopping them is trying to draw into a Loading... or a Loading... (both of them lose to 1 Loading... ). Overall, the further it goes, the worse it gets for a deck that simply lacks power output. The banlist is close (hopefully), and Harpies might not escape from that, which means that in the future, it could become even weaker. The one strength that keeps Harpies at Tier 2 is the fact that it is incredibly good against rogue options, and it keeps backrow decks out of the meta: it's probably the tenth time you'll hear this, but Harpies' Hunting Ground happens to be pretty good against backrow.


Onomat has been performing very well lately thanks to their draw power in Side Deck format. The introduction of the new Gaia deck benefitted Onomat as it's a favorable matchup between the Loading... negate and using Loading... on Loading... .

Some Onomat decks have started running Loading... which has improved the Resonator matchup substantially, allowing for easier OTKs where you bounce 1 monster with Loading... , Loading... another, then rank up to Gaia to pierce their monster and finish them off with Loading... . The deck has also started running Loading... as it helps survive OTKs from Cyber Dragons and protect itself against Loading... .

Tier 3

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