Tier 1

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Harpies are back on top of the food chain with us leaving No Side format behind. The deck can finally side for OTK decks giving it trouble with handtraps like Loading... , or the uptrending Loading... that stops Resonators from OTKing u meaning you can safely pass on it and save your plays for next turn, sniping their backrow with Harpies' Hunting Ground . The Thunder Dragon and Fire King matchups also becomes better with the ability to play Loading... , Loading... or Loading... (for Thunder Dragons specifically) to simply floodgate those decks' main tools for dealing with Harpies.


As we return to Side format Resonators remain the deck to embrace or defeat. The peculiarity of the deck is that it doesn't need a Normal Summon to do its combo and this opens the door for many supports to join. Level 4 monsters like Loading... and Loading... have been the most popular during the KCGT, now engines like Loading... + Loading... and Elementsabsers are joining the party too. The same thing happens with Tribute monsters like Loading... , Loading... , Loading... and Loading... . These kind of things might be situational but the ability to shuffle back a card you don't need with Demon's Resonance gives the deck the ability to play situational cards, which is another peculiarity that makes it the best deck.

Tier 2

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With Side Deck back, Onomats gain a big part of their strength back which is easy access to their side through Loading... to deal with bad matchups and take out dead Loading... s in matchups like Thunder Dragons. The deck has a good matchup against Harpies and an even one against Resonators with the right techs/side (the matchup usually heavily favors going second as both decks easily OTK eachother). The main struggle for Onomats is againt Thunder Dragons which is why siding Loading... and Loading... is needed to stop them from starting their plays.

The deck is expected to perform really well in this meta and with that it's promoted to Tier 2.


Side Deck is back and you know what that means, the usual problem cards: Loading... , Loading... and Loading... are back and ready to make some trouble for the deck. Aside from that, not much changed for the deck, but the matchup around it have. Resonator evolved even more with the inclusions of Loading... , Loading... as well as Loading... . The latter two can be an issue for the deck since they have the ability to stop Monster Effects. Angel O7 does not allow any monster effects from either sides, usually being used as a finisher make sure that no Handtrap prevents the OTK (since it can be easily attacked over with Loading... or Loading... ). Of course, summoning those is only an option with an already established GY, so it can still be used as a Turn 1 floodgate with no clear out. Plasma functions similarly but he negates only effects on the opponents side of the field, therefore only being a one-sided floodgate. That means that at least all the effects in the hand, GY and Banish zone are still accessible. The issue is that it is nearly impossible to out after it's equipped with a monster (like Loading... for example). With 3100 ATK the deck has no way of outing it with its core engine. As a result, it might be important to Side cards such as Loading... in order to deal with both cards and not auto-lose to their floodgate abilities.

Nevertheless, the deck remains at Tier 2 with its great power ceiling.

Tier 3

There are no Tier 3 Decks