Tier 1

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Red-Eyes dominated the RRQ proving itself as a super consistent and powerful deck which has an answer to the vast majority of the meta packing extra equip spells like Loading... or even Loading... . However, the deck is very easy to side against and tech for making it fragile in best of three formats. Its RRQ dominance is likely to have an interesting effect on the meta.

Subterror is a very strong deck in the best of three format taking first and second place in the last meta weekly. It's advantage lies in the best turn one play in the format with Loading... and Loading... . The deck also has alot of tech space and can very easily disrupt Loading... outside of Sealed Tombs . The key issue with Subterror is that it lacks thinning potential and recovery. I anticipate Subterror to do very well with the correct techs.


Red-Eyes is a double-edged sword in Side Deck format as it can both thin the deck to draw into side cards fastest and be countered the hardest by opposing side cards. Their weakness to defensive cards such as Loading... can result in them having to run backrow removal or play very cautious in order to perform well, but the consistency and power of their god hands is unmatched

Subterrors is also Tier 1 as they are one of the few decks that can reliably contend with Red-Eyes, but the consistency of Loading... and Loading... is far lesser.


Red-Eyes have pretty much solidified their position as the best deck in the format. Although they're weaker with Side Decks they're still easily able to overpower almost every deck.

Subterrors basically have an FTK with Loading... and Loading... . Those 2 cards are just completely insane especially Final Battle which can turn even a set Loading... into a huge threat.


Subterrors have both the tools and the consistency to deal with the rest of the meta and as the builds have been optimized, the deck seeks to dominate.

Tier 2

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