Tier 1

TPC Comments


Cyberdarks have been getting too many top spots in events, now they have the great boost of Loading... . The deck puts a lot of pressure on the opponent with direct attacks and fear to attack because Desperado exists.

Six Samurais are still the best deck, best convertion rate, most versatile deck, it has everything.

Luke Tyler

Recent results from competitive events imply that Cyberdark is Tier 1. The deck received recent indirect support in the newest EX Structure Deck: Full Metal Desperado. The vast majority of variants doing well at the moment are using Loading... due to its synergy with Cyberdark, and many users of the deck are also playing Loading... - another new addition from the Structure Deck. The popular skills being used by Cyberdark playing Desperado are Switcheroo (mostly if using Cosmic Cyclone) and Sealed Tombs . It's also worth mentioning that Cyberdark without Desperado Barrel Dragon, using Destiny Draw , also sees some play. The Desperado version of Cyberdark has performed well throughout it’s initial week of being legal, and further strong performances from the deck in the coming week are to be expected.

Six Samurai remains to be a Tier 1 deck through its high representation, solid performances and overall strength in the meta. Six Samurai has the ability to hammer down on the opponent’s resources while also maintaining good card advantage of its own, backed up with a powerful boss monster. There is quite a variety on the preferred tech choices at the moment in Six Samurai. These tech cards include cards such as Loading... and Loading... - which weren’t seeing that much usage in Six Samurai prior to the introduction of Loading... .


Six Samurais are ​​still in Tier 1 because their engine and techs handle everything relevant in the Meta.

Tier 2

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Ancient Gear is a deck that thrives on the existence of Loading... . Should Ancient Gear draw well enough it can also compete with the other Top Tier decks in the format. Evidently, team-related events like Clan Wars appear to be where Ancient Gear performs at its best due to it being a viable counter to many decks.

Though still a strong deck, Blue-Eyes falls to Tier 2. The rise in Cyberdark representation is not ideal for Blue-Eyes. In terms of recent trends, Loading... is seeing slightly more play amongst users of the deck, though many still prefer other tech cards. Multiple tops from Blue-Eyes are expected in the coming week, though not to the same level as it would’ve been 2 weeks ago.