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Loading... and her friends finally made it to the much deserved Tier 1 status!

Having on-demand monster effect negation and almost infinite resources makes this deck really good in the current meta, it has good matchups all around only having an hard time against Blackwings and Blue-Eyes, and even in those matchups there are small adjustments that you can make to your normal lines of play to make them not as hard.

Some people will question why and how this deck made it to Tier 1 with regards to the current results of the deck. Unfortunately, those poor results are because the deck is not being played at a high enough level in our tournaments. Lackluster builds and very questionable lines of plays are making this deck look worse than it actually is, similar to what happened in the past with Crystrons.

Fetty Guap

Can't say that I am surprised about this move. As I mentioned in my previous comments, this deck had potential to become Tier 1 if played correctly and it seems like many are starting to see that.


Witchcrafters have finally been promoted to Tier 1 and will be the sole Tier 1 for this week. The deck is very powerful and not easy to stop once it gets going, being able to easily generate advantage through their effect negation, powerful Synchros, and ability to add back Witchcrafter Spells from the Graveyard.

However, results wise, the deck clearly hasn't lived up to expectations of a Tier 1 deck. This can be compared to Crystrons, which was a deck that was recently considered Tier 1 for a long time but sometimes failed results-wise. I think an explanation to the lack of results could be attributed to

  1. Lack of Representation, and
  2. The differences between strong WC players and less-experienced WC players (there is a very high skill gap and the deck may appear to be weaker due to players not playing matchups properly).

Matchups like Blackwings and Blue-Eyes are difficult, but it's not that bad either and there are approaches players can incorporate to make these matches a little easier. Blue0-Eyes is a bricky deck but it is very difficult to beat a strong Blue-Eyes hand. Players need to approach this matchup by trying to generate as much card advantage as possible. For example, if you go first and can end up with a decent graveyard, several cards in hand, etc. Then it won't be as easy for a Blue-Eyes player going seconds to be forced to set 3 and pass, as you can usually OTk them the following turn. Against Blackwings, it can be rough if they open Loading... , but it's very winnable. It's important to get Loading... in graveyard quickly so you can survive certain Blackwing pushes and survive the turn. Turn one Loading... , while very scary, loses hard to Loading... / Loading... / Loading... , since the Blackwing player usually doesn't have much resources or momentum after that.

Tier 2

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Coming into this format Blackwings were positioned as the strongest deck, although, as many expected, as the format devoloped the deck started losing some steam because people adapted to it. Shiranui dropping Loading... and in some cases Loading... from the main deck for more Traps is a good example of the adaptation that is making Blackwings struggle a bit more.

I think to no surprise Invoked Neos made it to Tier 2. The deck has been on a hot streak the past couple weeks and performed quite well at the KCGT, cementing its spot in the current meta. Having free discard outlets for such powerful cards as Loading... and Loading... and the ability to easily access Loading... make this deck a really strong contender.

Fetty Guap

With Loading... and the entire Invoked engine untouched, another Invoked variant is being placed into Tier 2. unless the Invoked engine is hit, the deck/engine will always have a spot on the Tier List as it is just that powerful.