Tier 1

TPC Comments

Autumn Leaf

Six Samurai and Blue-Eyes have been two of the most consistent decks (in terms of translation into the top 32) in this diversified meta. It will be interesting to see if they can continue to perform as the primary decks to beat.

Luke Tyler

Blue-Eyes continued to see increased representation alongside good results over recent events. Such statistics made it evident that the deck fits well in Tier 1. In terms of deck building trends, Loading... is regaining popularity and many are choosing to move away from Loading... . Good results from Blue-Eyes in the coming week are anticipated.

Six Samurai remains to be a Tier 1 deck. It consists of various powerful engine cards and a solid boss monster, alongside strong tech cards such as Loading... . The deck has continued to perform well across various competitive events, and it is expected to continue to do well over the coming week.

Tier 2

TPC Comments:

Autumn Leaf

The implementation of the "skills from any character" side deck was expected to have a profound impact on Spellbooks, providing players with the ability to side deck Sealed Tombs . Even so, Spellbooks were still able to pull through and win the last Meta Weekly.

Cyberdarks have been overlooked for quite some time now but their performance in the last 3 Meta Weeklies clearly showed that they belong on the tier list.


Cyberdarks have proven to be a Tiered deck, they are winning a lot. Loading... pulls games out of nothing so quickly, I think playing with 4k life is the true power of the deck.

Luke Tyler