This is the first Tier List since the recent balance update announcement. The post-banlist meta is still in a formative state, so expect this list to change as it adjusts to stabilizing meta. Additionally, with Chronicle of Glory coming out later today, we'll have to see if this box will make an impact on the meta (However, TPC thinks this is unlikely).

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Even though Shiranui lost a bit of consistency with Loading... going to 2 this deck still has enough starters to be prevalent in the meta, and since Dark Magician lost some consistency as well it might even be in a better position than it was before, hence why it was moved to Tier 1.

Fetty Guap

Blackwings are being placed into Tier 1 for the moment due to the fact it has a relatively good matchups against every relevant deck in the game except Elementsabers. with almost every other Tiered deck being hit by the most recent limited list, this deck will definitely be one to watch out for this format.

Although Shiranui has lost one copy of its most powerful starter cards, it also gained the ability to play power cards such as Loading... andLoading... as you may not need three copies of Loading... . I believe shiranui did not suffer much of a loss this limited list and will continue to be a top contender this format.

Lorenzo Roma

Blackwings being completely unchanged gives it the most potential on paper. The Elementsaber matchup is as hard as ever, but with the decline of sacky decks it could be possible to use the tech slots better against Elementsabers.

Luke Tyler

Shiranui recieved minor hits from the banlist, but took a hit to its consistency on opening Loading... nonetheless. Despite Loading... now being limited to 3, it will be quite rare to see the third copy being played since Loading... and Loading... are normally better cards to draw. The missing Squire can be replaced by a copy of Loading... . Shiranui also certainly benefits from a decrease in Dark Magician representation, or at least from the slight decrease in the consistency of Dark Magician. Shiranui is a deck that can play up to 11 techs or so without being inconsistent - a useful trait to have.

wayne kenoff

Blackwings rise to Tier 1 due to its lack of hits on the ban list and the ability to have great Turn 1 and ferocious Turn 2 plays above all other decks.


After the banlist, Shiranui won't be able to play three Loading... anymore, but has regained access to one copy of either Loading... or Loading... . Instead of the third copy of Squire, you can either play Loading... or Loading... . Another reason why this deck is now Tier 1 is the nerf to Dark Magician, the worst possible matchup for Shiranui.