Tier 1

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Onomat stays Tier 1 and its Tier 1 by a long shot! This deck has acces to a toolbox of different Xyz monsters for different matchups and is as consistent as it can be. What more can be said, the deck has everything a Tier 1 deck needs.


Onomat stays Tier 1. The deck's best counter is still itself. It still has no negative matchups, no auto-win Side Deck cards to beat it, and it can beat any strategy due to the versatility of Loading... and its own Side Deck cards. Simply put, not playing Onomat in a tournament means you're handicapping yourself. The only changes in deckbuilding are some players maining Loading... over Loading... , and a shift towards more backrow-oriented builds.


Onomat solidifies its Tier 1 position in this meta, as seen by the deck's latest tournament results. Not much has changed in their post-Loading... decklists, aside from the addition of Loading... over Loading... - a staple shift aiming to protect an early game Rhinosebus from peril.


Loading... is a format-defining card. Not only is it a great Turn 1 interruption for Onomat, it can also be used going second to have a non-targeting removal. For whatever reason it also has piercing damage which is super-relevant in some matchups like Resonators to be able to OTK through three monsters and 6100 Life points. Rhinosebus alone would not be that big of an issue since Loading... can prevents the interruption and with that Onomat would never be Tier 1. It becomes an issue though once it is protected by something like Loading... , Loading... or backrow cards people start playing in this OTK deck. Getting to them is not even that big of an issue since the deck has their own draw two with Loading... , which also sets up the GY nicely.

On top of that, Onomat can still OTK going second. The deck has all the tools to deal with anything the opponent's deck might have since Loading... is able to search Gagagabolt. As such, there's no floodgate or blowout card like Loading... against Onomat even though the deck relies on Special Summoning monsters from the GY, which makes siding against it really hard. All these qualities make Onomat the deck to beat right now and as such deserves the Tier 1 spot.

Tier 2

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Harpies have regained their footing in the metagame, mainly due to a few changes in deckbuilding. Harpies now opt to play six anti-Loading... techs in their Main Deck, those being Loading... and Forbidden Chalice, allowing them to setup their board going second. These cards also act as very good disruptions, both giving you a good chance to survive the Onomat OTK. The ban of Loading... was also a boon for Harpies, as it took away an instant-win card that Onomats could play in the side deck. In addition, some Onomat players have opted to play Loading... over Loading... in the maindeck, due to it's superiority in the Onomat mirror specifically, but its quite lackluster against Harpies. That said, Onomats are still not a positive matchup for Harpies, but it's nowhere near as bad as it once was. In addition to this, Harpies boast a positive matchup against backrow decks like Shiranui, and does fine against Thunder Dragons, being able to set-up Loading... with Backrow.