This is the first Tier List for your new Top Player Council.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


With the release of Loading... , Onomat have become Tier 1, being able to OTK through Resonator's usual Turn 1 Loading... play. Additionally, their worst rogue matchups like Lunalight are way easier thanks to Loading... .


Onomat has been strengthened once again thanks to the new box, but in a way some players may not have expected in the form of Loading... . This new seemingly-weak card paved the way for the consistent combo deck to summon Loading... , a card that has been in the game for a while but has been too difficult to summon until now. Rhinosebus' Quick Effect allows Onomat to not only threaten a strong defensive option, but a strong removal option while playing into an opposing board of monsters. In addition to this, Inzektor Exa-Beetle itself is also a prime removal card in the face of specific floodgates or other defensive cards that couldn’t be destroyed by Loading... . Thanks to these new additions to Onomat’s arsenal of Extra Deck options and its ability to draw deep into the deck for tech cards with Loading... , the deck has been promoted to Tier 1.


With the release of the latest box, Darkness Gimmick, the deck who improved the most is no doubt Onomat - which is why it has been promoted to Tier 1. Thanks to the new Rank 6 Xyz, Loading... , the deck is now able to consistently summon the powerful Loading... in the first turn instead of Loading... , which allows a non-targeting pop that can seriously mess up popular meta strategies (such as Harpies). It also deals piercing damage and, sometimes, can even get rid of multiple threats in one fell swoop.


What is there to say about Onomats? It has no proper counter at the moment, no auto-win Side Cards to play against them, and good matchups all around the board due to the versatiliy of the Side Deck. The fact that you can switch your deck from a triple Loading... aggro build to a Loading... + Loading... deck that still maintains a lot of aggro plays speaks to its sheer versatility. Drawing into Side Deck cards with your three-of Loading... is terrifyingly strong, and there's no end to the multitude of ways in which this deck can sack you.


Resonators remain Tier 1, as they're still super consistent and have the ability to search cards like Loading... and Loading... with Demon's Resonance to handle most problems in this meta, which is still quite good.


Resonators remain a Top Tier with their Skill, Demon's Resonance , that allows you add missing combo pieces and side tech cards. It excels at preserving its Normal Summon which has given the deck both Main and Side board flexibility.