The format is mostly populated by high-roll decks (with the exception of Salad) that can end on turn one boards setting up in-archetype negates, big bodies and techs if they open full combo or just set pass a couple of cards if they don't.

Tier 1

TPC Comments

Mekk-Knights have maintained its position as the most reliable deck in the game at the moment, with its good matchups and searchable negate bolstering its resiliency in the meta. Generally played alongside The Tie that Binds post Surprise Present nerf, which has utility in climbing over big monsters and of course the mirror match. There are also Skills like Monster Move which lean into a more aggressive playstyle (also helping against Loading... as it can schmove face-down monsters as well). Additionally Monster Move has utility with both Loading... and Loading... setting up multiple pops per turn for the OTK play. All-in-all, the deck's doing well and has good representation, remaining a solid Tier 1 Deck.

Tier 2

TPC Comments

Salamangreat remains an incredibly consistent deck even with its reduced power-ceiling post-nerfs. It's still highly-effective at simply producing a ton of bodies on board while still just kind-of doing its same old schtick, which is enough in this current meta. We'll have to see if this will remain true with a potential meta shake up as Revolver enters the game with a new Mini BOX (presumably supporting his strategies). Only time will tell.

Tier 3

TPC Comments

Galaxy finally gets its long-awaited promotion to Tier 3. Recent performances have been great for this deck, and as a point which is always brought up when talking about this deck suggests, Loading... is still a powerhouse. Going second, only two cards are needed to do plays: a Galaxy card and a way to revive a card. The rest of the hand can be extenders to play around backrow or follow-up. This deck is not without its weaknesses though, and the new Loading... definitely poses an issue to the deck, since it shuts down your Loading... s. This forces us to use Loading... or other removal cards to get rid of it to finally make it live again. Another problematic new card for the deck is the new Loading... , which was predicted to end this deck outright. However, with clever maneuvering of detaching Xyz materials with different typing, we can play around IDP to an extent. Galaxy is definitely a deck that belongs in the meta right now.