Top Player Council Thoughts

Konami kicked 2019 off with a bang, introducing two very powerful new decks in Revolution Beginning. Correspondingly, we have an all-new Top Player Council and a big change to the Tier List, starting the year off with a brand-new Tier 1 deck that is warping the meta around its presence: Koa'ki Meiru.

Tier 1

Koa'ki Meiru has been moved directly from High Potential to Tier 1. Loading... is one of the strongest cards in the game and Loading... is a stellar support card for Maximus. In addition to sporting large 4-star monsters with excellent effects, Koa'ki Meiru decks can abuse the best backrow traps (currently Loading... and Loading... ) alongside strong skills like Balance and Sealed Tombs . With few consistent counters, strong and versatile offensive plays, and a great array of support cards, Koa'ki Meiru has made an immediate impact on the meta and has an argument for the title of "best deck in the game".

Vampires remain in Tier 1, being one of the few decks fast and consistent enough to keep up with Koa'ki Meiru. Loading... is becoming a staple in top-level Vampire decks to ruin all-in Maximus plays, and the ability to choose between game-sealing skills like Bandit , Sealed Tombs , and Destiny Draw continues to be a strength for the deck.

TPC Comments:


Koa'ki Mieru has proven to be an extremely powerful deck, showing great performance only a day after the deck was released in Meta Weekly 53. Even through they were seemingly un-optimized builds, Koa'ki Mieru was able to completely destroy the competition.

Vampires haven't suffered any hits and have decent matchups versus the new decks, Koa'ki Mieru and Karakuri.


Koa'ki Meiru appears to be above the rest of the decks. The deck's ability to use Diamond Core to search anything in its arsenal along with an incredible boss monster in Maximus facilitates easy OTKs and versatility in plays. This deck will continue to be optimized, and as such continue to dominate tournaments.


Diamond Core and Loading... are some insanely good new cards for Koa'ki Meiru. Maximus is one of the best boss monsters in the game at the moment! With the new cards you can abuse the effect from Maximus consistently and often. (Diamond Core is insane.)


Koa'ki Meiru already made a big impact on the meta being the most played deck in the Meta Weekly 53 and winning it because it's relatively cheap, strong and fast. The meta will evolve around it because it's very consistent thanks to Balance and Diamond Core, it has an explosive turn 2 and strong OTK potential because of Maximus, and it has access to strong and searchable side deck cards like Loading... or Loading... .

Vampires struggled a bit in the last week because Control decks heavily sided against it and Heroes were more popular again in tournaments. But they are still one of the most versatile decks in Duel Links and having the Big Succ is still insane in this meta, even against the new decks like Koa'ki Meiru and Karakuri. Also Ko'aki Meiru being the main deck to beat in this new meta might be good for Vampires because people might not heavily side against it anymore.