Top Player Council Thoughts

As 2018 comes to a close, the meta remains very steady. Control and Vampires continue to perform at a Tier 1 level, forming a slight "triangle meta" with Tier 2 Masked Heroes. Tier 3 is still fairly wide although multiple decks (including Bujins, Gemini, and now Spellbooks) have been removed in recent weeks for a lack of representation in competitive events.

Tier 1

Control continues to excel in the slower format and has few natural counters outside cards like Loading... . Vampires' success overall is usually inversely proportional to the number of Hero players in an event: If the Hero players are scared off by Control, Vampires do extremely well. If there are a large number of Hero players, Vampires often struggle.

Tier 2

Masked Heroes have remained a strong relevant presence with Vampires in Tier 1. Loading... and Loading... both do a great job of clearing Vampire boards before a lethal Loading... play.

Tier 3

The collection of Tier 3 decks continues to shrink with the loss of Spellbooks, leaving only the most successful options. Any major competitive event will likely have all of these decks, and these are decks worth preparing for.

TPC Comments:


Furs have no real weaknesses with access to a boss monster like Loading... . They pose a threat to any deck they play against. Buster still just locks you in and takes you for a ride.