Tier 1

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Autumn Leaf

Darklords have found themselves in Tier 1 status due to the gradually decreasing popularity of Blackwings and a highly abusable skill in No Mortal Can Resist against Shiranui. Its positive matchup against Elementsaber, Ritual Beast and Crystrons make Darklords a dominant force in the meta.


Darklords are back to Tier 1. With Blackwings having more and more problems in the current meta with all the Loading... s and Loading... s, Darklords are shining again. Compensation is a very strong Skill on its own and siding No Mortal Can Resist / Sealed Tombs against Shiranui and other decks can turn the table even more into their favor. A good Darklord hand can beat almost anything and their biggest problem is still their own bricks. With Compensation, you have access to a lot of resources that makes Darklords less linear to play than other meta decks. A single wrong decision can cost you the entire game which is what makes player skill level a lot more important than with other decks.


Elementsabers are still one of the best decks in the game with only one unfavourable match up in Darklords

Shiranui helped clear the way for Darklords. Now that Blackwings have another bad matchup on the map, Darklords profit as they now have a good match up against the two most popular decks with help from the side deck.


The pressure of a flip-down and Loading... meta has driven down the authority of Blackwings, allowing Darklord to thrive more again. The inherent LP manipulation with Darklord allows it to run No Mortal Can Resist to give Shiranui trouble, adding to the list another deck it can counter. Furthermore, being able to Tribute Summon or establish big early fortified boards takes some of the potency out of Loading... , especially with it being an outdated concept to build in such a way where you can only summon Loading... once. So, at this time, Darklord returning to Tier 1 makes sense given the direction of the meta.


Darklords have been performing better following the release of Shiranui. The decrease in Blackwings benefit Darklords, and as demonstrated in the MCS, No Mortal Can Resist can be sided in to greatly improve the Shiranui matchup.


Darklords' only struggle in this meta is basically consistency issues but with a good hand they can just overpower everything, even their counter decks. Elementsaber is a very easy match up and thanks to Compensation you're able to outgrind a lot of decks. With No Mortal Can Resist in the Side Deck the Shiranui match-up becomes a lot better.


With the release of Shiranui, Darklords got a new favourable matchup, they not only benefit from Elementsabers and Crystrons, but Shiranui as well.