Tier 1


Desperado decklists haven't really changed in the past couple weeks, but recently we started to see Loading... being included in some decklists as a way to fight some of the recent meta trends. This card helps the deck against Invoked variants, backrow decks in general and, most importantly, against Loading... .


It looks like the MCS wasn't the sole tournament where Neos showed capability. As expected, the deck has been able to consistently achieve many Top Cut spots in tournaments. The deck's ability to play powerful discard Traps like Loading... and Loading... without losing advantage gives the deck solid disruption tools, and the addition of Loading... not only acts as a huge line of defense but enables Rank 4 plays as well. Loading... , however remains the deck's only potent win-con, yet still, not that many people play Loading... in their Side Decks. The deck has been promoted to Tier 1 but most likely right now that many more people will opt for Invoked varients in tournaments, and that will increase the amount of cards like Lancea, Loading... and Loading... . It will be interesting to see how will Neos players adapt to adversity.


Invoked Neos has been skyrocketing in popularity and we're promoting it to Tier 1 for numerous reasons.

The skill FIRE Reload offers an outstanding resource to the deck. By utilizing the effect of Loading... to add another copy of itself to the hand, the deck will generate card advantage very quickly by drawing into powerful Trap Cards like Loading... , which is heavily being played to deal with problematic monsters. Another great resource for the Skill is being able to mulligan your starting hand which can turn the duel in your favor right from the start. In some ways, this skill is even better than its predecessor Switcheroo .

A lot of the builds are opting to play Loading... and for good reasons. The ability to float into Loading... or Loading... is a great way to maintain board advantage, not to mention that some decks struggle to get over these fusion monsters.

An alternative to the Ritual Beast engine that has been seeing a rise in popularity is Loading... as it enables backrow removal and will maintain hand advantage.

While Loading... was recently limited on the banlist and cards like Loading... are able to deal with the one copy, it is not enough to discredit Invoked Neos, as it can still power through with ease using the Neos and Ritual Beast engines.

Some builds have opted to play Loading... which is a great response to cards like Loading... and Loading... which makes it even harder to counter.


Invoked Neos has been promoted to Tier 1 due to its large representation and promising results. The similarity between Desparado and Neos is that they both can use Loading... to its fullest potential, gaining advantage off of every discard. Time will tell if this deck gets wrecked by an emergency hit to FIRE Reload or the Invoked engine. However, for the time being Invoked Neos is dominating tournaments and will likely continue to do so for the near future.

Tier 2

TPC Comments


Witchcrafter didn't get much tournament play, yet it was played quite a bit in Clan Wars finals. The rise of the slower, more stally Invoked Roids deck is also theoretically beneficial for Witchcrafter. In addition, the deck's only really terrible Top Tier match-up is against Blackwings. The addition of Loading... even as a one-of helps the deck mill more cards and make more aggressive plays. Also, the addition of Loading... in the Side Deck or even in the Main Deck is a great defensive tool and makes Loading... an even tougher wall to break. The deck in the right hands can make miracles and is promoted to the Tier 2 spot but that doesn't mean it no longer has weaknesses (bricky opening hands even if Balance is used, necessity to open backrow hate against many match-ups, etc.)

Luke Tyler

Witchcrafter rising up the ranks to Tier 2 may understandably seem odd because the deck has had very little representation in recent tournaments. The reason for Witchcrafter’s promotion to Tier 2 is because the deck is very well rounded in the current meta, with a good number of favourable or at least 50/50 matchups. And the reason as to why the deck has been seeing very limited success in tournaments is because a pristine understanding of some matchups is required to successfully pilot the deck with a solid winrate. A very good Witchcrafter player can play through multiple Trap Cards well, which is super important. In regards to it’ appearances the deck saw use in Clan Wars as well as some other competitive events, but not so much in regular tournaments.