Top Player Council Thoughts

A week out from the release of Secrets of the Ancients, Loading... and Loading... have made quite the impact in Control decks, being used in the winning decks of two major community tournaments (DLPT 20 and All Stars #3). The changes in this week's Tier List update are largely centered on this influence from Junk + Armades.

Tier 1

Control has been promoted to Tier 1. Already a strong deck when played passively, the more aggressive options in Loading... and Loading... give the deck new depth. Multiple iterations of this deck have been successful recently, with Eugen Heidt winning a tournament using Endless Trap Hell and Loading... with Loading... to make Armades, while zzmondo won another with What Grows in the Graveyard as the Armades-facilitator.

Vampires have remained in Tier 1 but performed poorly this week. Struggling a bit when all the attention was on them, it will be interesting to see how Vampires change after being joined in Tier 1. Does Bandit become the go-to skill over Sealed Tombs ? Does Loading... start to replace Loading... ?

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler:

With every passing tournament, Control further establishes its position as a dominating deck. It has multiple powerful Trap cards at its disposal, with monsters boasting the ability to gradually pick away at opposing resources. Loading... has quickly picked up popularity due to being able to tutor out Loading... - a very useful tool in the mirror match.


Armades is arguably the best monster in the game.

Tier 2

Masked Heroes have remained in Tier 2. Their worst counter and best match-up are both in Tier 1, so siding hard against Control is necessary for up-to-date Hero decks.

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler: