Tier 1


After the demotion last week to Tier 2, Witchcrafter has been promoted back to Tier 1. While the nerf did hurt a bit, both power and consistency-wise, players have adjusted and the deck definitely holds it own in the meta. For the main engine after the banlist, most players are running 2 Loading... , 1 Loading... , and 1 Loading... (to recover a banished Holiday). While definitely less consistent, players are now able to run an additional tech card (Standard Builds prior to banlist had 5 Tech slots, now there are 6).

At the moment, control decks are very popular, so most Witchcrafter players have adjusted by running multiple backrow hate cards to maintain a strong advantage over these decks. With the rise of control, one of Witchcrafter's worst matchups, Blackwings, has taken an indirect hit and has shown many struggles this past week. In the most recent Meta Weekly, 0 Blackwings managed to get into Top 16 and the deck performed very poorly in other community tournaments as well. All of this is allowing Witchcrafter to thrive and it will be interesting to see how decks adjust this upcoming week.

Some Witchcrafter players have also started to play more Lightsworn monsters with Loading... . This version has less tech room, but it can be very explosive. This version probably struggles more against control decks and certain cards (Loading... , Counter Traps, etc.) but once it gets going, it is very hard to stop. It will be interesting to see if this version can pick up any steam in the following weeks.


Nothing important happened to the meta, so Invoked Neos is still one of the best deck right now. The deck has good match-ups against every meta deck and can tech many cards in tournaments to be able to win against anyything.

Luke Tyler

Witchcrafter returns to Tier 1 status despite suffering a hit to Loading... . The deck now (most commonly) uses 1 Holiday with 2 Loading... - resulting in the deck now using Loading... so it can recycle the Holiday after banishing it with Loading... . Due to heavy-backrow decks being popular, many Witchcrafter users are stacking up on multiple forms of backrow removal. Also, the slight decrease in Blackwing popularity is beneficial for Witchcrafter decks.


Due to increase in positive results, Witchcrafter has been promoted to Tier 1 and will most likely continue to fluctuate between Tier 1 and Tier 2. It is true that the consistency of the deck has been hit, however, the deck will always be oppressive if Loading... is on the field. The builds still fluctuate slightly with some players opting for more backrow removal while others are choosing to keep power cards like Loading... .

Tier 2

TPC Comments


Blue-Eyes remains at Tier 2 but it's in a good position in the current meta, having a good matchup vs both Tier 1 decks. If the current Blue-Eyes lists get further optimized this deck can be a real threat in the current meta.

The recent success of Invoked Neos and Elementsabers made Blackwings struggle a bit to keep up, but with Witchcrafters back at Tier 1 expect this deck to perform well in the next week.