This Tier List is post Curse of Dread and the recent Forbidden / Limited List

Tier 1

TPC Comments

Luke Tyler

Triamid rises to Tier 1 due to its recognition as a versatile control strategy. The deck is well equipped for a variety of matchups across the board, making it a strong choice to take into a tournament environment. In addition, Triamid has an arsenal of powerful trap cards at its disposal - making it a threat to be reckoned with. In terms of weaknesses, Triamid can be prone to disruption when going second if their hand isn't strong enough to follow up or recover from the opponent’s push. Loading... can be a big issue for Triamid when the rest of said player’s hand is also good. Strong performances from Triamid over the upcoming week are expected.

Desperado decks have continued to perform exceptionally well in the competitive scene. The deck has access to a powerful boss monster in Loading... and is backed up by strong tech cards such as Loading... and Loading... . Furthermore, the decks have access to a pseudo-Loading... due to the skill Master of Destiny . Overall, Desperado is a solid deck in the format utilising various removal cards. It’s trend in strong tournament finishes is expected to continue.


Master of Destiny Desperado has been seing so much sucess recently, it has perks no other deck has, solid draw power, solid removal as well as dodge cards with Loading... (it can also be used aggressively), the deck can deal with most of the meta and can easily adjust to it due to its 6-7 flex spots

Triamids no longer worrying about Six Samurai has made this deck even more of a threat now, it has little to no bad matchups in the meta at the moment, but it's still susceptible to disruption of course. It also has so much room for flex spots which can help boost whatever's a threat to this deck.

Tier 2

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Ancient Gears remains at Tier 2. The deck has some good matchups in the format and it benefits from the decline in Six Samurai popularity. It has become relatively common for the deck to use Loading... as a tech card, though there are various other backrow options that Ancient Gear users like to play.

Blue-Eyes has been struggling since Desperado’s release. This is because Loading... is an issue for Blue-Eyes to deal with. Furthermore, Blue-Eyes strongly benefited from the large representations of Six Samurai. As a result, the increasing popularity of Desperado decks and the declining popularity of Six Samurai decks have lead to Blue-Eyes being in an awkward position amongst the meta. It is still a good deck with a lot going for it, but it is expected to perform and appear in smaller numbers.

Cyberdark remains at Tier 2. The deck is still well-represented and used by many. In terms of recent deck-building trends, there are more Cyberdark decks using Destiny Draw and less Cyberdark decks using Loading... .