Tier 1

TPC Comments


As Darklords used to be in the past, Elementsabers are the gatekeepers of the current meta, if your deck can't deal with them consistently enough you will probably not have a good time in tournaments. The addition of Loading... adds another way to play around Loading... and a way to get information on your opponents' hand so you can do your plays safely by knowing which backrow you need to play around.

Shiranui didn't change at all, still a small core with a lot of space for tech cards so it will keep on doing decent despite having a low ceiling and a small amount of starter cards.

With the addition of Loading... the deck has access to another Turn 1 play and an out to popular floodgates like Loading... and Loading... . The deck still has the highest ceiling of all decks in the format, being able to build and break boards without losing resources and access to Loading... so expect it to consistently reach far in tournaments, even though it will have to adapt a bit in this Necrovalley-heavy meta.


Thunder Dragons have moved up to Tier 1 for its explosive second turns, being able to easily put enough damage on the board past Grit (which has gained a lot of popularity) while Loading... clears your opponents' cards to make it easy to do so. And since switching skills from Baggy Sleeves to Grit they have a higher chance to survive the first turn so they can have that big retaliation.


Elementsabers are the control deck that can keep up with the fast OTK decks, even trough Loading... OTK attempts they still have the defensive play with Loading... . The importance of Turn 1 Loading... is rising, as it completely shuts down the combos of Thunder Dragons, Masked HEROs and Crystrons, since they cant build strong boards and use their full potential under the limit of one monster effect activation per turn. A new tech card has shown up in the KC Cup in Loading... . The card has a really good synergy with Elementsabers, it not just removes problem cards from your opponent hand like Loading... , it also triggers Destiny Draw , letting you close out games fast with knowledge of your opponents' hand, and removing the card that could stop your lethal attempt next turn. Due to the its versatility and strength, Elementsabers stay at Tier 1, as one of the strongest deck of the format.


Thunder Dagons will continue to be explosive in side deck format. With the ability to side Techs and Skills they feel like the full package.

Elementsabers are still here baby. Abusing god tier backrow with a great engine will be a factor in deck building for the foreseeable future and Elementsabers still do it the best. With the introduction of Loading... they even have a card to trigger Destiny Draw and out Loading... in one. Overall Elementsabers continues to be the gatekeeper of the meta.

Shiranui rounds off the tiered one decks as another abuser of god tier backrow. As long as traps are relevant so will Shiranui.


Thunder Dragons were a fast and streaky deck during the KC Cup, but prior iterations lacked a really good defensive play for Turn One. Grit helped a lot, but a lot of other techs cards also helped solved the problem going first, particularly Loading... and Loading... . With these techs the deck obviously lost some aggression power and became more balanced. The only backrow-heavy decks in the format are Shiranui, Dark Magician, Elementsaber and Cyber Dragon, and none of them can OTK through set Ryko. It also serves as great non-targeting removal that also mills cards, which can be vital. It's hard to tell how Thunder Dragons will perform in Side Deck Format, but one of the best side cards against them, Loading... , is easily dealt with by Ryko. However, a well-timed Loading... will slow the deck's pace, but most likely not stop it. We will see how the situation will develop and adjust Thunder Dragons' placement accordingly