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DNA Surgery
Harpie Lady 1

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"Thoughts on Loading... ?"


Could be a good card in a side deck format to improve Vampires or Spellbooks match ups, however in a 2 deck format you would probably be safer running Loading... , Loading... , etc. For sure would get 3 copies of this though to hold onto for now.


In the currect meta and in the side deck format, this card can be really good.


Super cool to have this card at 3. Not going to be very relevant right now most likely, but I expect it to be in the future.


Used to be good in side deck format, but doo doo right now. 💩


I think it's not as effective as it used to be back then when Spellbooks were the deck of the meta. The only thing I find this card being relevant against is Vampires, but most of the time they'll be discarding the fodder from hand rather than the field. Of coruse it can somehow be used in meme decks.

Luke Tyler:

Declare "Insect" and tribute your opponent's monster with Loading... !