How many Gems can I earn from Events/Campaigns? Is the Gem nerf a thing? We are here to help with your questions and clarify your own doubts! The Gems Report includes the amount of Gems you could earn on the past month by playing the Events and Campaigns provided by Konami and more.

Events and Campaigns

KC Cup: February 2021

Tour Guide - Bingo Missions: February 2021

Card Flipper Campaign

Duel Quest: February 2021

D.D. Castle: Assault

Ranked Duels Challenge Stamps

  • From February 17th until February 25th.
  • An amount of 90 Gems.

Gift Campaign

  • Event page - Gift Campaign
  • From February 19th until March 4th.
  • An amount of 150 Gems.

Duelist Challenges: February 2021

Clear Mind: Antinomy the Mysterious Turbo Duelist

New Main Box: Antinomic Theory

  • Box Review - Antinomic Theory
  • Released February 28th.
  • Free 500 Gems.
  • Plus 90 Gems to Duel School and our Bank!

Ranked Duels Challenge Stamps

  • From February 28th until March 8th.
  • An amount of 90 Gems.