Despite the season 29 changes to LP Konami went back on their decision and we now have a start at 4000 LP Duels. But that is not the only updates to this season check out below the other changes and coments on the matter by our Top Player Council.

Date Changes

Due to the World Championship Series (WCS) there are some changes on this season of Ranked Duels.

Ranked Duels Season 30 Dates (JULY)

30 Jun 9pm EST - 5 Aug 9pm EST

Ranked Duels Season 31 Dates (AUGUST)

5 Aug 9pm EST- 30 Aug 9pm EST

New Cards

New Ranked Duel Tickets rewards are now available!

Fiendish Engine Ω
Maiden of the Aqua
Energy Bravery

As well as old own event rewards:

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
Burst Stream of Destruction
Ghost of a Grudge
Flame Manipulator

Note: Ranked Duel Tickets from seasons before June 2018 cannot be used to obtain these rewards

Top Player Council Thoughts

"What are your thoughts in LP Change"