23rd February Update

By Yami Hammy

From the recent in-game news update, March is packed full of events and pending updates. There is no need to check your notifications, we have it all here!

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Structure Decks

Konami has announced new Structure Decks that will be added early and late March!

Final Thoughts

March has so many new events and new Legendary Duelists. Be sure to check out the event articles as they appear to make the most out of every event!

1st February Update

By Jonesy9027

Teaser Updates!

On January 29th, Konami released their list of upcoming events. Included are the KC Cup announcement, the Chazz-a-thon, the return of Dr. Vellian Crowler, a teaser for a new Legendary Character, and much more!

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Other News

The current sale celebrating the release of ninth mini box Resonance of Contrast will be ending on February 3rd. Hurry up and take advantage of the deals below if you still need some cards from any of the boxes to complete your deck!

Check out our review of the new box here!

Current sale: