Box Review: Resonance of Contrast

This is the 9th Mini Box and was released on January 25, 2018. The release of this Box created the following Deck types:

Card List

Ultra Rare Cards

Duel Links Card: Snipe%20Hunter
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Slash%20Dragon

Super Rare Cards

Duel Links Card: Phalanx%20Pike
Duel Links Card: Defense%20Draw
Duel Links Card: Paladin%20of%20the%20Cursed%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Skill%20Successor
Duel Links Card: Void%20Trap%20Hole
Duel Links Card: Bujin%20Yamato
Duel Links Card: Dawn%20Knight
Duel Links Card: Paladin%20of%20Dark%20Dragon

Rare Cards

Duel Links Card: Royal%20Command
Duel Links Card: Luster%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Sacred%20Crane
Duel Links Card: Vampire's%20Curse
Duel Links Card: Rainbow%20Veil
Duel Links Card: Flamvell%20Poun
Duel Links Card: Daybreaker
Duel Links Card: Photon%20Lead
Duel Links Card: Trial%20and%20Tribulation
Duel Links Card: Bujin%20Regalia%20-%20The%20Sword
Duel Links Card: Bujingi%20Boar
Duel Links Card: Bujingi%20Centipede
Duel Links Card: Vampire%20Grace
Duel Links Card: Bujin%20Arasuda

Normal Cards

Duel Links Card: The%20Wicked%20Worm%20Beast
Duel Links Card: Destruction%20Punch
Duel Links Card: 8-Claws%20Scorpion
Duel Links Card: Sand%20Gambler
Duel Links Card: Majestic%20Mech%20-%20Senku
Duel Links Card: Foolish%20Revival
Duel Links Card: Fine
Duel Links Card: Healing%20Wave%20Generator
Duel Links Card: Card%20of%20Sacrifice
Duel Links Card: Crashbug%20Road
Duel Links Card: Bujingi%20Ophidian
Duel Links Card: Bujingi%20Ibis
Duel Links Card: Bujin%20Regalia%20-%20The%20Mirror
Duel Links Card: Bujingi%20Warg
Duel Links Card: Bujingi%20Pavo
Duel Links Card: Dark%20Dragon%20Ritual

Quick Box Review by the [Top Player Council](/top-player-council/)

  • New Deck Types: Deck types that we may see in the future or deck types that received new cards
  • Essential: Will be used in a current top tier deck
  • Maybe: May be used in a current top tier deck
  • Future Potential: May be used in the future

New Deck Types

TPC Member Review
UnGatoPardo I do not see a future deck type in this box.
superforms Bujins. Best cards: Bujin Yamato, Bujin Arasuda, Bujin Centipede. Also new support for Black Luster Solider decks in Dawn Knight.
Kaito Red-Eyes Slash Dragon
Itsyoboyeden New form of REZ, perhaps some other variants of Zombies
Whybona None.
Kazin_X Stall with Defense Draw, Harpies with Phalanx Pike, No Mortal Can Resist Phalanx Pike, Crashbug Road with Six Samurai, Red Eyes Ritual Deck with Paladin of Dark Dragon (Red Eyes Impact) or Red-Eyes Slash Dragon with BLS, Zombie World Paladin of Cursed Dragon
Nix Bujin. But this box does not seem good to me, I’ll be skipping it.
Kayoh No new deck types. I don’t believe this box will change the meta.


TPC Member Review
UnGatoPardo Defense Draw will be a staple in mill/burn decks. Snipe Hunter will also be a great addition to fiend decks.
superforms None.
Kaito None.
Itsyoboyeden None.
Kazin_X Void Trap Hole
Nix None.
Whybona None.
Kayoh Defense Draw saves your LP and replaces itself, I can see this be played in cancer decks like burn/mill.


TPC Member Review
UnGatoPardo Phalanx Pike could see use in standard Beatdown decks, potentially being able to be able to boost monsters by 1800 is very viable.
superforms Void Trap Hole may be a popular side-deck card (against REZ and CA), and Phalanx Pike may be a REZ side-deck card for the mirror. Trial and Tribulation could be used in CA.
Kaito Red-Eyes Slash Dragon: On a similar powerlevel than Dark Paladin but it has more potential as you all now we have a lot of good red eyes support. Defense Draw: Decent stall card that might see play in one of the new Stall that showed up recently. Has the big disadvantage that it cannot be chained to backrow removal.
Itsyoboyeden Void Trap Hole, Defense Draw, Skill Successor
Kazin_X Snipe Hunter: Fiend Decks or Control type decks (like No Mortal Can Resist control or Wallet Control), Phalanx Pike: Mirror matches or new deck types, Skill Successor , Defense Draw - any Stall, can be interesting combination with GB under like a Half Shut or Impenetrable Attack, Dawn Knight with combination of Beginning of Heaven and Earth. You will select Destiny HERO - Dasher, Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier, and Dawn Knight. Dawn knight can flip the BLS-SS to the top, then Dasher will summon it next turn you draw, Trial and Tribulation: Maybe for any ritual decks. CA still has some potential. And it can also be used in Monarchs to generate some fuel. But its a win-more card in most cases, Photon Lead: Quite a few good level 4 monsters. Quick effect. Goes with sacred crane to draw cards. You can pull on Zanji for six sam. Sasuke/Golden Upstart for Ninja (not sure if there is space). Guardian of Felgrand and then summon another monster to use felgrand effect, Crashbug Road - not bad if your opponent doesn’t have another level 4 to summon. Good in six sam
Nix Paladin of the Cursed Dragon in REZ
Whybona Skill Successor as a potential side tech for Straight to the Grave REZ to help in the mirror match, especially against REZ decks using The Ties That Bind. Snipe Hunter as a tech in Volcanics for further removal.
Kayoh Skill Successor could be a good side deck card for the REZ mirror

Future Potential

TPC Member Review
UnGatoPardo Void Trap Hole will see play as more archetypes revolving summoning big monsters such as Cyber Angel Dakini see play. Until then, this card might just be a side deck tech.
superforms Dawn Knight, potentially.
Kaito Void Trap Hole is meant to be a sidedeck card against red eyes zombie. good players can play around it though by chaining spirit in chainlink 2 or higher. you don’t need 3 of this right now. Paladin of the Cursed Dragon has the potential to be sided against Red Eyes Zombie.
Itsyoboyeden Dawn Knight (for Lightsworn), Phalanx Pike, Royal Command (side deck), Dark Dragon Ritual & Paladin of Dark Dragon
Kazin_X Dawn Knight future potential for Lightsworn as well, Photon Lead for Lightsworn or if something like Thunder King comes to Duel Links
Nix Royal Command can be a good side deck card.
Whybona Void Trap Hole, Royal Command (future side deck card)
Kayoh Void Trap Hole as a side deck card


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