Skill Changes

The Skill Changes will go into effect by updating to 6.1.0, which will be released around Jan 16th.

  • Red-Eyes Roulette no longer has a Turn restriction (you must still return a card from hand to deck)

  • Master of Rites: Super Soldier appears to have a slightly less-restrictive Deck-building requirement and fetches the "Super Soldier" cards from outside of your deck (but also locks you into Black Luster Soldier monsters instead of just Ritual Monsters).

  • Domination of Darkness has been given less-strict deck-building requirements.

  • Ready to Get Defeated? no longer has the stipulation that the monster needs to be Special Summoned this turn, and can now be used on non-Xyz "Galaxy Eyes" monsters.

  • Set! Delta Accel! received a slight text clarity change specifying you need to send back a "T.G." Monster (Functionality unchanged)

  • Psychic Vision has received a QoL boost to make it easier to physically see your opponent's hand (Functionality unchanged)

  • Harpies' Hunting Ground is now an activated Skill that can only be used at the beginning of the Main Phase of your first turn and now requires you to return a card from your hand to your Deck to activate Loading... from your Deck.

  • Contract Procrastination can now only be used once per Duel.

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