New LVL: 45 Cards

After almost a year of stagnation, the character level cap was increased to LVL: 45 with many Duelist getting new, unique rewards!

The Top Player Council have also reviewed the new cards and given their thoughts below, including which Duelist Reward you should aim for first!

Dark Magic Inheritance
The Melody of Awakening Dragon
Blue Flame Swordsman
Amazoness Queen
Miraculous Descent
Tackle Crusader
Howling Insect
Overtex Qoatlus
Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord
Dark Ruler Ha Des
Proton Blast
Gravekeeper's Visionary
Toon Gemini Elf
Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords
Jirai Gumo
Skilled Dark Magician
King of the Skull Servants
Quantum Cat
Card Trooper
Destiny HERO - Plasma
Crystal Bond
Swing of Memories
Ancient Gear Box

Top Player Council Thoughts

superforms says:


Came Too Late

  • Loading... : Would have been nice months ago, irrelevant now. Probably best with Six Samurais (with Loading... and Loading... ), and it doesn't seem that great there.
  • Loading... : A nice boss Monster but will do very little for GK in the current meta. Really doesn't help that he can't be searched by Loading... .
  • Loading... : An instant addition to Toon Decks, but does not bring Toon Decks out of irrelevancy.


  • Loading... : Banishes Ojama Monsters in exchange for Fusion materials. Pure YouTube.
  • Loading... : Now available at 3x. This is just a fun YouTube Deck.
  • Loading... : Apparently relevant in the TCG, it seems like it lacks the support to have any impact in Duel Links right now. It has obvious synergy with Loading... and Loading... , and may make a good YouTube Deck.

Future Potential