18th April Update

The Card Trader's inventory has been updated with some new additions to his card pool!

Spell Strider
Token Thanksgiving
Dr. Frankenderp

Top Player Council Thoughts


superforms says:

This card is most relevant as a way to trade Field Spells (like Straight to the Grave Red-Eyes Zombies against Mythic Depths Sea Stealth Attack. Not a ton of other use right now.

All Day says:

Interesting card but too hard to utilize. Building a deck around Loading... still requires a second spell. This will likely be used for a Field Spell for Field Spell trade off and not that great.

Glading says:

Maybe good against Sea Stealth Attack that you can banish your Field Spell and your opponent's Loading... .

Xanxus says:

At the moment very good against Sea Stealth Attack decks, but it only makes sense, if you play a 'Field Spell Skill' or other decks like Wallet Control, where you have good access to permanent spell cards. Mostly it's only a side deck option or most likely a tech. Perhaps this card has more potential in future (I can imagine this card in Crystal Beast decks, after they get more support).

Whybona says:

Good against Sea Stealth Attack but irrelevant in the current meta outside of that, it's also situational for your own deck to be running face up spells.