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Red-Eyes Zombies Guide

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Red Eyes Zombie (REZ) deck has been the longest top tier deck around for more than half a year now. Its strengths come from easy and quick summoning of the powerful boss monster, Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon, its swarming potential and suitability with any effective techs against any meta decks.

Furthermore, the recent emergence of one deck with side deck format for major tournaments has benefited the REZ deck the most. This is because it enables REZ to specifically side deck against more troublesome decks such as Hazy and Ancient Gear. On the other hand, it is arguably very difficult to snipe side deck against REZ, making the format relatively more favorable for REZ in general.

This is a guide for both new and more experienced REZ players collaboratively written by DrBluePepper and Insano, which takes into account of the recent bans, nerfs occurred in January 2018.



AG: Ancient Gears
CA: Cyber Angels
Cancer: Stall, Mill or Burn decks in general
GB: Gladiator Beast
REZ: Red-Eyes Zombies
Hazy: Hazy Flame Sphynx

Skills: TTTB: The Tie that Binds


AMA: Anti-Magic Arrows
Anubis: Curse of Anubis
Econ: Enemy Controller
FGTH or Floodgate: Floodgate Trap Hole
MW: Mirror Wall
REZ or REZD: Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon
Saffira: Saffira, Queen of Dragons
Snipe: Sniper Hunter
Spirit: Red-Eyes Spirit
SRH: Super Rush Headlong
Windstorm: Windstorm of Etaqua
XZH: Xing Zhen Hu

Core Engine Cards

Duel Links Card: Gozuki
Duel Links Card: Gozuki
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Zombie%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Zombie%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Samurai%20Skull
Duel Links Card: Samurai%20Skull
Duel Links Card: Bacon%20Saver
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Insight
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Insight
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Spirit
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Spirit
  • 2-3 Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon
  • 2-3 Gozuki
  • 2-3 Samurai Skull
  • 2 Red-Eyes Spirit
  • 2-3 Red-Eyes Insight
  • 0-1 Red-Eyes Wyvern

Bacon Saver: never play more than one because its effect is once per duel.

Duel Links Card: Bacon%20Saver

It is basically a sphere kuriboh that activates from the graveyard. This will win you duels, especially in mirror matches.

Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon: ideal number 2 currently.

Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Zombie%20Dragon

REZ is a 2400 Zombie beater, which can Special Summon a Zombie monster it destroys. In the current meta, it is the 2nd strongest monster after Ancient Gear Golem (3000 attack) if you discount Cyber Angel Dakini due to its recent nerf (however, they were shown to be strong in the 1 deck format). This attack can go up to 2700, 3000, 3300 attack with beatdown depending on the number of REZ on the field, one to three respectively. Its attack can be boosted to 2500, 2600 or 2700 with The Tie that Binds depending on the number of monsters on the field. Straight to the Grave, which starts the game with Wasteland boosts REZ to 2600 attack.

REZ can be tribute summoned with one zombie which can be useful against flood gates.

REZ can special summon opponents’ zombie monster when destroyed by REZ on your side which becomes an important factor in mirror matches, which will be discussed further later.

Gozuki: ideal number 2-3.

Duel Links Card: Gozuki

This is a core searcher and summoner monster of the deck.

Gozuki has two crucial effects:

1) One is to send a zombie from the deck to the graveyard once per turn and

2) Special summon zombie from hand when Gozuki is sent to the graveyard by banishing a zombie from the graveyard other than Gozuki, once per turn.

The first effect is important as you can send REZ to the Graveyard if you only have spirit in hand/set (a trap which summons red eyes from Graveyard) in order to summon REZ next turn. Gozuki can also send a Zombie to the Graveyard such as Samurai Skull or Bacon Saver.

Gozuki can send another Gozuki from Deck to the Graveyard and banish a non-Gozuki Zombie, triggering Gozuki’s second effect, which allows Special Summoning REZ or another Zombie from the hand. This is an important swarming effect, which is crucial in REZ’s deck. This effect can be pulled off in one turn if you send REZ to Graveyard using Red-Eyes Insight then banish REZ to summon REZ from hand using Gozuki’s effect, all in one turn even if you didn’t have any Zombie fodder before.

Gozuki can also send Bacon Saver to the Graveyard which provides a great defensive measure as Bacon Saver can be banished during any Battle Phase (except in Damage Step), which can either stop your or opponent’s monster’s attack. This can also play around Super Rush Headlong and Enemy Controller.

As you can see, Gozuki is a central card therefore you would need at least 2 Gozuki for it to be tier 1. You would need at least 2 Gozuki for the deck to be successful in tournament settings. You may be able to reach KOG with 1 gozuki and 2- 3 Samurai skull, however as tier 2 with great difficulty.

Samurai Skull (SS): Ideal number 1-3

Duel Links Card: Samurai%20Skull

This is another zombie monster with 1700 attack which enables you to send a zombie to grave upon Normal Summoning. This effect cannot be repeated, unlike Gozuki. However, as the effect is upon summoning, the effect goes through even if it gets hit by Floodgate Trap Hole, which allows you to send a REZ or Bacon or other Zombies to Graveyard. This is a useful advantage over Gozuki as Gozuki won’t be able to use its effect when Floodgated. Samurai Skull’s 2nd effect is also very relevant in the current meta. Its 2nd effect is that when Samurai gets removed from the field either by an opponent’s card effect, it can Special Summon a level 4 or lower Zombie monster (except Samurai Skull) from the Deck. This essentially counters the opponent’s defensive SRH, as that would enable you to summon Gozuki from the Deck. Due to the reasons above, samurai could be played up to 3, if you wish, with 2 Gozuki.

Red-Eyes Spirit / Red-Eyes Insight: you need 2 of each ideally for a 20-card-deck.

Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Spirit
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Insight

You can run 3 Insights in a 20-card-deck or 21, 22-card-decks as well. 3 Insights give you roughly 48-50% chance of starting your hand with at least one of them. 2 Insights will give you 30-33% chance to start with at least one in your starting hand. If you want to summon REZ quickly, 3 insights is Recommended. However, 2 Insights is more popular currently as the pace of the game is slower compared to the previous meta with Cyber Angels and Ninjas.

Red-Eyes Wyvern: Ideal number 0-1

Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Wyvern

Wyvern has become quite popular recently. Most decks play 1 wyvern with 2 REZ, which acts as 3rd Spirit as it enables to Special Summon REZ from Graveyard by banishing itself from the Graveyard at the End Phase if you did not Normal Summon in that turn.

Optimal Skills

Straight to the Grave: start the Duel with Field Spell Wasteland.

This is probably the best Skill for the current meta because there are so many decks that are popular and powerful. Being able to use a Storm in conjunction with your set Spirit and other cards, to clear all three backrow at once is very useful in this meta, and very powerful vs our toughest match up, Gladiator Beasts. You will not have the advantage in the REZ mirror match however, but with Side decking you can over come that.

The Tie that Binds: great skill for the REZ mirror and vs other decks as well your monster gains 100 ATK times the amount of monsters on the field.

Beatdown: ah old reliable, the original dominant skill for REZ decks. Your field increases by the number of level 5 or higher monsters on your field times 300. No longer optimal now that CA is less popular in the current meta but that can change in the near future.

The REZD Player’s Toolbox:

With the Side Deck format being so popular in recent and future tournaments, let’s talk about popular and not so popular tech options for the REZD deck, keep in mind that techs can be used in your Main Deck, or in your Side Deck and switched in and out between the duels of a match. There are a few key techs out of these tech options that should be in your Main Deck. I will single out the key tech options.

Tech Options

Key techs are in bold

  • Anti-Magic Arrows: can be used at the start of the Battle Phase, no traps or spells can be used or chained after this card is used, is very useful as a win-more card, helps clear monsters of the board without worrying about backrow.

  • Storm: the key to any REZ deck in my opinion, if you aren’t using this in your Main Deck be sure to put it in your side.

  • Super-Rush Headlong: great to counter GBs and Hazy as well as a strong all around card, especially when opponents think they are playing around MW and they switch your gozuki or samurai into def mode.

  • Forbidden Chalice: great to counter all of the super powerful effect monsters that you will run into.

  • Blast Held by Tribute: can be a great surprise vs Hazy players.

  • Floodgate Trap Hole: versatile in every match up except the REZD mirror, because REZ players for the most part play around it, although it can really hurt them if you use it on their Gozuki early.

  • Wall of Disruption: great tech vs Hazy and REZ, really any deck that floods the field with monsters.

  • Xing Zeng Hu: locking down back row in this meta is very useful, especially because we may be seeing more Mill.

  • Enemy Controller: if you are not already running it in your Main Deck, it is the most versatile card in the game and is useful in any match up except Hazy.

  • Straight Flush: slow but amazing against GB decks as well as Burn decks.

  • Divine Wrath: make use of your side Bacon, REZ and Wyvern early draws by discarding them and killing off a Hazy or GB with ease.

  • Forbidden Dress: pretty sweet side tech for Bonz players, protects your REZ from Gladiator Beast Murmillo and SRH effects as well as useful in mirror matches to get over REZ.

  • Rush Recklessly: nice tech for Bonz players allows you to get over or kill other REZ including Beatdown boosted REZ; also helps REZ over take an Ancient Gear Golem.

  • Fire Formation - Gyokkou: Very useful tech in mirror match as well as vs Control decks.

  • Disappear: allows you to banish a card from your opponent’s graveyard at no cost. This is a great situational tech in the REZ mirror match as well as vs Hazy decks.

  • Foolish Return: a quick play spell that allows you to return a card from your opponent’s graveyard back to their deck. Another great mirror match tech for REZ. I would argue that this card is better than using econ in the mirror match.

  • Lava Golem: such a versatile tech, can be helpful vs Glad Beasts, Hazy and REZ decks.

  • Red-Eyes Wyvern: can be used as a third option to revive your REZ as well as being a powerful 1800 beater.

  • Zombie World: a field spell that completely wrecks Hazy decks and has an effect that makes all monsters on the field and GY zombies so essentially your REZ can steal anything.

  • Cosmic Cyclone: a quick play that allows you to pay 1000 LP and banish any Spell/ Trap on the field.

  • Powerful Rebirth: essentially a Red-Eyes Spirit for your four star monsters.

  • Curse of Anubis: great card for this meta, switches all effect monsters to Defense Position until the end of the turn.

  • Mirror Wall: great for the mirror match as well as dealing with high ATK monsters.

  • Magical Arm Shield: this card is very useful in the REZ mirror match if you are in a bad spot, let’s say your opp has 2 REZ on the field, you can steal one when the attack and force the other to crash, sending both to the GY.

  • Wasteland: Field Spell that boosts your monsters to get over larger monsters and can also be used in conjunction with Storm to clear three backrow.

  • Kunai with Chain: can be useful in most situations you can use it as a 500 attack boost equip card or as a Sphere Kuriboh or as both in one activation.

  • 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom: can be used to clear the field of all level four monsters your opponent controls. In a Sergeant Electro and Glad Beast heavy meta, this can be useful.

  • Sphere Kuriboh: can be useful in many different situations, can even save a duel for you in some instances.

  • Double Cyclone: useful quick play allows you to destroy a Spell or Trap on your side of the field then destroy a Spell or Trap on your opponent’s side of the field.

  • Snipe Hunter: amazing tech for cancer, gb and control matchups.

  • Skill Successor: great tech for the mirror match if you use Straight to the Grave.


The Gladiator Beasts Matchup

Dominant Skills: Balance, Mind Scan and Shadow Game

Ah, the dreaded GB matchup, this is the main reason why we must main deck cards like, Anti-Magic Arrows and Storm. The GB deck is the best control deck currently in the meta, it consists of monsters that have tag out effects that can destroy your field.

Gladiator Beast Murmillo tags in to destroy face-up monsters, Gladiator Beast Beastiari tags in to destroy Spells and Traps, Gladiator Beast Laquari tags in to become a 2100 ATK beater and Gladiator Beast Dimacari tags in and is able to attack twice per turn. GB decks also run Sergeant Electro to further make REZ players’ blood boil, and they lock down our backrow defenses with it. The good news is with the Mind Scan nerf, the dominant Glad Beast deck skill is balance, which is a more favorable matchup for REZ. Now the way to approach this matchup is to preserve your resources while forcing the GB player to burn through theirs while you wait to pull your AMA or Storm so you can blow away their back row and swing over their GB monsters. You want to stop the GB player from tagging out and using their effects before you can deal with it and remember whenever you want to use a spirit to bring out a REZ, chain it to another card or monster effect because all GB decks run 2-3 Floodgate Trap Hole. Chaining your Spirit to another card effect will make FGTH lose its timing and therefore the opponent won’t be able to activate it.

Curse of Anubis, Enemy Controller, Bacon Saver and Super Rush Headlong are all good cards to protect your field. Keep in mind when using Super Rush or Econ, turn toggle on and do it during the Battle Step.

When you are ready to use your anti-back row cards your your opponent will almost always read your AMA from your hand, you can set it the turn before to trick them but make absolutely sure they cannot tag in a Bestiari to destroy your AMA before you get the chance to use it. If you are using Storm the great thing is your opponent can’t play around it and if you are using the Straight to the Grave variant, you can destroy all three backrow sets in on turn, keep in mind that your opponent may chain their SRH to your Storm in order to preserve their GB monster for their next turn, also try your best to not Storm until your can bring out a REZ along with another monster, if you can, be sure to econ chain and take their monster for your weaker monster so you can then use your Spirited REZ and their monster to swing for game if your are able to, if not be sure to chain a SRH as well, you as the turn player will get the priority and you will get the kill. If they chain SRH and you cannot do an econ chain or a SRH chain of your own you still cleared their entire backrow and have a REZ on the field in attack position, maybe even some backrow support as well, if you are lucky. If you are able to clear their field, even if they have one monster left and have to rely on a top deck, you are in a good position.

AMA is best to use when you can go for game, because even if you are able to clear their GBs off the field, they still have full backrow or two backrow cards, all it takes is for them to draw one gb monster and they can get their engine running. Lastly try your best to stop your GB opponent from bringing out Gladiator Beast Nerokius, he is trouble to deal with he cannot be destroyed by battle and when he attacks or is attacked, no card effects can be used, also if he does attack, your opponent has the option to tag him out for two GB monsters. Your best bet against this big boy is to stop him from attacking and then use this in an econ steal on your turn to go for game (do the Econ steal during your Main Phase) or stop him from attacking and use a SRH on one of your monsters in your main phase and then attack him to send him to the Graveyard. Gladiator Beasts is the hardest matchup for REZ players but with the addition of Side decking in tournament play and with smart play by the pilot of this deck, you will overcome them.

The Ancient Gear Matchup

Dominant Skill: Middle Age Mechs

Ancient Gears are a very strong deck which wields the best boss monster in the current meta, Ancient Gear Golem a 3000 ATK/DEF beast that ignores backrow when it attacks and also does piercing damage. Even with the annoying Sgt. Electro, Ancient Gear Knight, which is 2100 under AG Castle, and the common tech monster, Heavy Knight of the Flame as Staples in this deck, AG Golem is still the biggest problem for REZ players. We cannot get over it with our monsters unless we are using Beatdown skill and have three REZ on the board which is a rare occurrence. Our best options are:

  1. Win the duel before they have the chance to get their boss out. This is not easy because all AG decks run two AG Golem and they have a Skill in which they start with AG Castle, this card gains a counter every time a monster is summoned, once it has two counters they can use it to bring out AG golem without tributing. If you can try and get this off the field ASAP using either Storm, Cosmic Cyclone or Double Cyclone. Then clear their monsters off the board if you can or do not let them have two monster out, doing this will make the two AG Golem dead cards for your opponent.

  2. Use helpful techs such as Curse of Anubis, SRH and econ to eliminate the AG Golem threat.

    • Use Curse of Anubis on your turn BEFORE you put your monster out, this will switch their Golem to Defense Position and make its DEF 0, now you can send out any of your REZ deck monsters to take it out, even Bacon Saver. Try to use this when the AG player has no backrow.
  • Use SRH on your turn as well because when it is not your turn, you will have to activate it before the battle phase and your opponent will just not attack and end their turn rendering your SRH useless.

  • Econ can be used to steal your opponent’s Golem and go for game or a ton of damage while ignoring your opponent’s backrow. I would advise you to do this only when you are going in for game. As for the rest of this matchup aside from ag golem, you must treat it as if you are playing any control deck, force your opponent to waste their resources, use ama and storm smartly, to take out backrow and swing over their monsters. You also want to be sure to not let your opponent Gemini summon there heavy knight of the flame, it can banish your special summoned monsters.

The Cyber Angels / Saffira Matchup

Dominant Skills: Duel, standby!, Mind Scan, Balance

To win any Cyber Angel Matchup you have two win conditions, kill your opponent with their own Cyber Angel Dakini or use econ steals during their effect to remove their Dakinis from the field. The best thing about CA players playing more Saffira than dakini now, it that you don’t have to always worry about that initial Dakini effect, it is a slower deck now and that is good for us because it gives us time to draw into our econs or other Spells and Traps to get their big ritual monsters to the Graveyard.

If you are going first be sure to set all of your important cards because Saffira, Queen of Dragons has the ability to send a card from your hand to the gy, this can be devastating if the discard your econ from your hand. The hardest thing about this match up is MAR and Hymn of Light effects in the GY. They basically give 2 extra lives to your opponents ritual monsters, which is why I prefer to win this matchup using an econ steal. This deck becoming popular after the recent MCS is going to make REZ players start to carry Mirror Wall and 3 econ again.

The Hazy Flame Sphynx Matchup

Dominant Skill: Aroma Strategy

Hazy flame is a rough deck for REZD, you cannot target Hazy flame monsters with card effects and with their Beast Rising they can keep buffing their beast monsters ATK to crazy levels. The key in this match up is to use your Side Deck wisely. Side decking a Divine wrath for tournaments is a great idea to counter Hazy, just make sure you use it on their Hazy Flame Sphynx, that is the engine of their deck. Techs such as Super Rush Headlong are also great in this matchup. If you cannot side deck or you are playing on pvp latter, Main decking SRH is key to win this matchup.

Because of their ability to use Beast Rising to get over any monster and ignore Wall of Disruption and Mirror Wall effects, cards like Floodgate Trap Hole, SRH, Divine Wrath, Curse of Anubis, Windstorm of Etaqua and Sphere Kuriboh are all useful tech cards in this match up. The approach I always take when facing a Hazy Deck is, I will try and take my opponent out early on in the Duel before they can get their hazy engine going.

Because I normally Main deck econs, when going first I will use an insight set my spirit and not summon a Monster, because I want to force the hazy player into summoning a monster that can be econ stolen rather than just use a Soul Exchange on my monster and start their engine. Hazy players will not carry much backrow protection besides Beast Rising so next turn if you get your econ, you can bring out your REZ and summon your Samurai Skull or Gozuki, then econ tribute it for their Caninetaur or flame tiger and attempt to go for game.

If you are unable to win the Duel before the hazy engine goes off, your best bet is to use your SRH cards wisely if possible I like to use them on my turn because if they Beast Rising to save their monster on your turn, you will have the option to continue the attack on whatever monster they boost; on their turn, they can banish the attacking monster and then not attack into the SRH effected monster, wasting your SRH. Overall, the Hazy matchup is not very hard for REZD when you are running a Side Deck, when you cannot use a side deck, be sure to win quickly or use your SRH cards wisely.

The Mill / Cancer decks Matchup

Dominant Skills: Duel, standby!, Endless Trap Hell

All of the cancerous decks tend to have the same motive, stall the opponent with backrow and set facedown monsters that have flip effects that kill, banish or steal your monster until the End Phase. They also will have effects that send your cards to the Graveyard.

The key is to not panic, get to your Insight ASAP, set up your Spirit and use your Gozuki to get out your anti-backrow cards: AMA, Storm, XZH, etc. Try not to use more than one monster at a time because your opponent will most likely be using Lava Golem, also, if you draw a REZ, keep it in hand incase you need it to tribute off a Lava Golem. Don’t be afraid to attack into their monsters and force them to waste backrow unless you are waiting for a tech that will allow you to deal with multiple set monsters.

Once you have your anti backrow, set XZH and prepare to lockdown backrow so our monsters can go to work, Storm and chain your REZ so you can destroy their backrow and bring out your REZ or get three monster on the field, your REZ being one, use ama and go for game.

The Aliens Matchup

Dominant skills: Mind Scan, Balance and Restart

Ok this match in my opinion, is a lot scarier than it seems. The key in this matchup is to play passive until you have your Storm otk play setup. Now you must be very careful because if they are able to survive your Storm play and get their quick play to the graveyard, they can easily recover their board next turn. You do not have to put a monster face up right away against Aliens because they are not going to otk you in their first turn. Best case scenario is to have Insight, lv 4 monster, Econ, Storm in opening hand, you would use your Insight, set your Spirit, set your Econ, don’t summon your level 4 yet. End your turn. Let them set up their field and attack you next turn you would summon your lv 4 throw bacon to the GY use Storm, Econ take their Alien bring out your Rez, swing for game. Now, that is with the ideal hand.

If you did not pull the ideal hand, which is most of the time, you want to use your Econs to steal and crash their Aliens. If they put counters on your face up monsters, you do not want to leave your monsters with counters on the on the field unless you absolutely have to. Most Alien decks backrow is going to be Powerful Rebirth and “A” Cell Recombination, some may also run Wall of Disruption. This is why Storm is so important to draw early in this matchup because it nullifies their wod and forces them to use their quick play on their own monsters. This can also be forced by storming with no monsters on the field or with your monster face-down, because they cannot put counters on FD monsters. Once again if you do not draw your otk Storm/ Econ/ Insight combo early or your Storm/ Insight combo early, you must play passive and use your Econs to get rid of your monsters with counters or Econ steal to bring out a REZ, or another monster that will allow you to force the Alien player to waste their resources to protect their life points. Chances are if you leave your monsters with counters face up on the board, you are gonna take a ton of damage or, they will get stolen by Brainwashing Beam, which can be nullified by Storm or Cosmic cyclone.

Above all else in this matchup your anti backrow cards and your econs are of the utmost importance.

The Water / Sea Stealth Attack Matchup

Dominant skills: Balance, Mythic Depths, and Restart

Ok this is a very good deck, but with a little thinking, it can be played around pretty easily for REZ players. Like hazy, water players need a 3 card combo early in game, 5 star monster or better ( optimally Citadel Whale), Sea Stealth Attack, and field spell Umi or A Legendary Ocean. With the current optimal build for SSA decks running 3 of the whale and four star beaters that can get the whale out fast or have great effects like Abyss Soldier, which discards a water type and allows them to bounce any card back to your hand. Against water cards like Enemy Controller, Storm, Cosmic Cyclone and Super Rush Headlong and Anti-magic arrows will be useful to you. Using Cosmic Cyclone in their battle phase or yours can easily win you the game, the key in this Matchup is to OTK the water player before they can get their whale and another monster to protect against the otk.

If they have one monster on the field that is not the whale, you can force them to banish it by Storming and chaining your Spirit activation to it, they will either banish their one monster to protect their faceups, or they will leave it out there to protect their LP. Either way, if you have another monster to bring out along with your REZ, your are in great position to OTK.

Super Rush is a great way to deal with the whale also, I recommend using it on your turn, because on their turn they can just banish to save the whale. If you use it on your turn, if they banish, they will take a ton of LP damage or get OTK’d. If you can you want to start the duel by summoning Samurai over Gozuki, this way if they use Abyss Soldier’s effect, and pop him back to your hand, it will activate Sam’s effect that will thin your deck and bring out a Gozuki. Once they have out their whale and a monster on the board besides the whale, you are in a bad position but not dead in the water yet ( no pun intended).

This is where your ama or cc will help you immensely. Using Cosmic Cyclone on their field spell renders their trap useless and takes away their Umi stat boost at the same time, since most SSA players are running Mythic Depths, they tend to not run the field spell, and even if they are also running ALO, you essentially killed their whole deck by using that 1 CC on their field spell. This is why you want to main deck at least 1 cosmic cyclone. AmA is also great when they have their combo plus a monster for protection on the field because it completely ignore SSA effects and since your rez can easily get over their whale, ama can save you/ win you the matchup.

The REZ Mirror Matchup

Ok the REZ mirror, probably my favorite of all the matchups. It is a bit like a game of chess (unless someone hard bricks of course). It takes a bit of thinking, the win condition of this matchup is to steal your opponents REZ, once you have done that, the game is in your favor. Before you can do that you must force your opponent into burning through their resources. The best thing to do is to get them to use their Bacon Saver early, doing that sets you up for an AMA into win or Storm into win. What I always do in the REZ mirror is make sure to save all my Spell/Traps and Bacon to protect my REZ. If my opponent wants to crash or TTTB and run over my Gozuki or Samurai, I will let them do it, unless in 2 situations:

1) they have no backrow or Bacon left and I know I can go for game next turn or

2) I need to protect my level 4 in order to stay alive in the Duel.

Saving your resources for REZ is especially important if you are using Straight to the Grave.

Key habits to look out for:

  • Opp sets 1 card to start turn, it is a Bacon.
  • Starts by summoning a gozuki or a samurai but uses its effect to send a REZ to the grave, your opponent most likely has Bacon in their hand and are going to set a spirit.
  • Setting up their field with all their monster with a card in hand and no backrow, they are going to use AMA.
  • Opponent starts by summoning Gozuki and sending a Samurai Skull to the Grave, they most likely have a REZ in hand.

Matchup Tech Chart

Enemy Controller Divine Wrath Enemy Controller Enemy Controller SRH Enemy Controller
Floodgate AMA Divine Wrath Storm Blast Held by Tribute Storm
Cosmic Cyclone Snipe Hunter Anubis AMA Divine Wrath AMA
SRH Windstorm Sphere Kuriboh Cosmic Cyclone Anubis Divine Wrath
AMA Anubis Mirror Wall Anubis Sphere Kuriboh XZH
Storm Sphere Kuriboh Wall of Disruption Sphere Kuriboh Floodgate Snipe Hunter
Snipe Hunter Mirror Wall   Skill Sucessor Windstorm Card rotator
Anubis Skill Successor   Mirror Wall Lava Golem Lava Golem
Sphere Kuriboh XZH   Gyokkou    
  4-starred Ladybug   Rush Reckless    
  Forbidden Dress   SRH    
  Lava Golem   Windstorm    

Keep in mind these matchups are not limited to using these techs, this is simply a reference chart to help you when preparing your Side Deck or when thinking of which tech to choose when climbing the latter based on what decks you are facing the most.


REZ is a very versatile deck it will always be relevant and can adapt to almost any meta. We both strongly suggest investing in this deck.

Another great aspect of running a REZ deck is that it is not a very hard deck to pilot and once you build your deck, you will not have to buy through all the new boxes if you do not want to, you just fish through them for tech cards to Side or to use one of in your REZ build to adapt it to any new powerful decks that make their way into the meta.

I will not be adding REZ deck pictures in this guide because I encourage you to visit myself and the other REZ experts (DrBluePepper and Kaito) in #rez-tips. We post many different successful REZ builds in that channel.

We also have a wonderful REZ enthusiast community full of helpful players in the #red-eyes-zombies and #rez-learning channels in the Duel Links Meta Discord. Feel free to come there and ask me and questions you would like, I am a major REZ nerd and love to talk about the deck.

-Cpt.Insano signing out


I would like to personally thank DrBluePepper for his contribution to this guide and being a great person all around.

I would like to thank Masarike for all of his council and fantastic experience he shares with me every day regarding REZD decks. He is a true friend and a legend in our community.

I would like to thank Whybona and JayDizzle for always helping me test deck builds no matter how many times I ask them, they are also great friends.

I would like to thank Vincenity for being my oldest friend in the DL community, not only did he bring me here but myself and Vince spent countless hours testing and helping each other get better.

Finally, I’d like to thank Dkayed for creating and cultivating this fantastic competitive community.

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