Updated March 23, 2018

This investment guide is out-of-date and does not reflect the current Meta and the Newer Boxes.


Hi, i am Kaito, winner of the Meta Championship Series 3. In this guide I will discuss how to spend your gems wisely.

Where to Spend Gems

If you are completely new to the game and wonder where to get gems you might want to check this guide out first.

First and foremost what you have to recognize is that every gem you invest is and should be a strategic decision that will influence how well you do in future duels. Being able to correctly invest is what distinguishes good and bad f2p players (and people who only invest limited amounts of money). In this guide I will give you an idea which cards are worth buying and why.

Generally when deciding whether or not a pack is worth investing in you only have to look at the SR and UR cards. Getting multiple copies of a Rare or Common card usually only requires a small amount of gems by comparison.

The first question you should ask yourself before investing is always:

  • Do I already have a deck that is able to hit the King of Games (KoG) rank?

If the answer is yes then DO NOT INVEST your gems. Save them until an important competitive event that you want to participate in happens (like a KC-Cup or a Meta Championship Series). This way you will be able to play the best possible deck for that event.

However if the answer is no then you want to invest your gems until you can play one of these decks.

Boxes Worth the Investment:

Now im gonna go through each box in depth:
Note: I will only focus on SR and UR cards. Some boxes might have Rare and Common cards worth getting

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None of theses boxes have UR or SR cards that are played in the competitive decks currently listed on the Tier List.