Meta Championship Series #3 Report

Top 8 Players / Decklists - Prize Support: $2,730

128 Player Capped Tournament - October 14th 2017 Format: 2 Decks. 2 Different Characters/Skills. Must win with both decks. Double Elimination.

Rank Participant Name Match History
1 Kaito W W W W W W W W
2 Tekumse W W W W W W L W L
3 Ocelot W W W W W L W W L
4 Greedo_sama W W L W W W W W W W L
5 Masarike W L W W W W W W W W L
6 Nameless W W W W W L L
7 JayDizzle W W W W L W L
8 RareHunter W W W W L W L


Cyber Angels 93 36.33% 2nd CA + REZ
Red Eyes Zombie 76 26.69% 1st(Double REZ) REZ + REZ
Hazy Flame 24 9.38% 9th, 13th CA + CA
Amazon Burn 24 9.38% 7th, 9th (4) REZ + Burn
Mill 6 2.34% 9th CA + Burn
Ninja’s 6 2.34% 5th, 9th
Control 5 1.95% 17th
Red Eyes Balance 3 1.17% N/A
Psychics 3 1.17% 13th
Horus 3 1.17% N/A
Hammer Shark 2 0.78% N/A
Gemini Zombie Plasma 2 0.78% N/A
Toon Barrel Dragon 2 0.78% N/A
Venus Plasma 2 0.78% N/A
Dark Paladin 1 0.39% N/A
Dino’s 1 0.39% 2nd
Gandora Red Eyes 1 0.39% N/A
Relinquished 1 0.39% N/A
Tyrant Dragon 1 0.39% N/A


Biggest Sponser - Justin “Noah Kaiba” Taylor : $590

Sponsers Donations
Justin “Noah Kaiba” Taylor $590
NerdChic $111
Kazin_X $100
Jaadgo $100
Jater $100
oh_heybobby $80
Rewindedsun $67
Limitless95x $50
O_keebz_O $50
tomd125677 $50
kofik120 $50

Top 8 DeckList Winner's

1st Place- Kaito: $1,334

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​2nd Place- Tekumse: $628


Your main monster is Hydrogeddon. With His 1900 attack he is stronger than any other lv 4 meta monster and his effect helps you to always have a monster on the field. With your backrow you play control the main cards are Enemy Controler and Floodgate, Super rush headlong helps a lot against amazoness Swords woman to destroy her without taking any damage, and against cyber angels it forces them to use up their ritual spell in their graveyard, you can combo that with metalmorph to srh during the battle step so they use up their protection and than metalmorph in the damage step. Finally Anti-Magic Arrows helped a lot to finish games early and you can also combine it with Hydrogeddon to give him a free path, destroing all opponents monsters and completly flood your own field to get insane board control. Since i am f2p this isnt the most optimal version of the deck i would replace a metalmorph with another mirror wall and a srh with a third floodgate, 2 electro i feel is optimal but i dont have 3 to test it out TL;DR Dinos are a control deck with high attack monsters.


Standard Cyber angels deck with Mind Scan With the information i gained from Mind Scan i was able to plan 2-3 turns ahead to always be in control of the duel, also it gave me a fighting chance against both DD burn and control ninjas both designed to counter CA. Spell Shield type-8 was hands down the most useless card in the entire deck i only drew it once in the entire mcs and when i did it didt do anything. It helps in Balance/Restart CA as a safety net against enemy controllers but with Mind Scan you can see if they even have econ and just play around it. Another econ or AMA for DD burn or control ninjas would help much more instead.

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​3rd Place- Ocelot: $355

[content-only] Decklist 1 | Decklist 2 |:–––––:|:–––––:|

​4th Place- Greedo_sama: $191

[content-only] Decklist 1 | Decklist 2 |:–––––:|:–––––:|

​5th-6th Place- Masarike: $81

[content-only] Decklist 1 | Decklist 2 |:–––––:|:–––––:|

​5th-6th Place- Nameless: $81

[content-only] Decklist 1 | Decklist 2 |:–––––:|:–––––:|

​7th-8th Place- JayDizzle: $81

[content-only] Decklist 1 | Decklist 2 |:–––––:|:–––––:|

​7th-8th Place- RareHunter: $81

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Featured Decks

9th-12th Hitboxxx

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​17th-24th Place DavidBlocker

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