Post-Release Updates

If you're a new or returning player, visit the "Vagabond Exchange" page to add more friends and level your characters quicker!

Character Unlock Requirements

You'll find farm guides for each duelist on the "How to Farm All Characters" page. New decks will be added daily so be sure to check back regularly!

Name Portrait Unlock Condition
Yusei Fudo Yusei Fudo Once you reach stage 10 or above in duel world (DM), Yusei's unlock missions appear.
Crow Hogan Crow Hogan Unlock missions appear by defeating Sector Security with 5,000 or higher duel assessment in duel world (5D's)
Akiza Izinski Akiza Izinski Once you reach stage 6 in duel world (5D's), Akiza's unlock missions appear.
Leo Leo Once you reach stage 11 in duel world (5D's), Leo's unlock missions appear.
Luna Luna Win 100 duels using Leo.

New Main Box and Structure Deck

A new main box: Stardust Acceleration, has been added! The box contains support for Blue-Eyes, X-Saber, and Genex decks, as well as much more.

In addition, the structure deck Synchro Connection has been revealed too! The structure deck focuses on the "Junk" archetype used by Yusei Fudo in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime!


You can view all the skills for each duelist, including many new unique additions, on the "Skills" page!

Top Player Council Thoughts

What are your thoughts on Yusei's level-ups/drop rewards/unique skills?"

Negative1: Loading... and his signer dragon skill are nice... and that's about it.

"What are your thoughts on Crow's level-ups/drop rewards/unique skills?"

Negative1: I don't think I've ever been more disappointed in Konami than I am right now.

"What are your thoughts on Akiza's level-ups/drop rewards/unique skills?"

Negative1: Loading... has potential, which is saying a lot when compared to the other rewards. Loading... is good but the skill isn't. I have my doubts that something good will come from it.

"What are your thoughts on Leo's level-ups/drop rewards/unique skills?"