Synchrons are a Synchro-focused Archetype used by the protagonist of Yugioh 5Ds. The win condition of this variation is to mill cards from the top of the deck to quickly access a lot of resources, and using those to finish the duel in a single turn. Mixing iconic cards Yusei used in the anime with the Lightsworn Engine makes this a truly dangerous role-playing deck that is satisfying to play duel after duel.

About the Author

Hello! My name is Rich and I'm the author of the Synchrons guide on DLM. This deck is my baby. Ever since I came up with the idea to mix Lightsworns with Synchrons I've been hooked on it. After testing many different techs and card ratios for way too many games, playing it in a bunch of tournaments and even winning Battle Phase EU #8 with it, I've decided to create a guide to share my experience.

Feel free to hit me up in the Synchrons channel in the DLM discord with questions and ideas, I'm always happy to engage with those.


Do you like losing to Witchcrafters and Dark Magician?

Stop reading, this is not the deck for you.

Do you hate the idea of attacking with a 7000 attack Loading... , finishing the opponent with a single blow?

You should probably exit this page.

Do you prefer Shira vs Sabers snorefests that last 20 turns over fast-paced action packed duels?

It's not too late to click away.

Do you heavily dislike using monsters that can attack more than once per turn?

There's other decks out there for you.

Do you hate using cards from the anime with the character that played them?

Peak Performance Blackwings with Kaiba will probably suit you more than this. I'll even provide a link to that guide

...Still here? Alright, let's rev it up!