This fan favorite deck has received much needed support in Future Horizon. A competitive Cyber Dragon deck capable of easily blowing up your opponent's board in a single turn and summoning Fusion Monsters capable of dealing massive damage.

As previously mentioned, Cyber Dragons revolve around Fusion Summoning their boss monsters that can attack multiple times, allowing for consistent OTKs. To help with this, the deck also provides searchable cards that destroy Monsters as well as Spell / Traps. Combining destruction and high attack output with searchability is a recipe that leads to a very powerful deck in the meta. Loading... can search both Loading... (your main way to fusion summon) or Loading... (your main way to destroy cards). After Fusion Summoning into Loading... (the newest boss monster), you can destroy backrow cards and attack up to 3 times.


This deck utilizes the Loading... s incredibly well as they are treated as "Cyber Dragon" while on the field - which means they can be banished by Loading... and used as fusion material. With cards such as Loading... and Loading... the activation requirement becomes relatively easy to fulfill, adding consistency to the deck.

Core Cards

The following cards make their way into the deck's must-run category as they each provide one piece of the Cyber Dragon win condition.

Cyber Dragon Core (3x)

Cyber Dragon Core
  • This monster searches your "Cyber" Spells / Traps, initiating your plays with Loading... and ending games with Loading... . Drawing any missing piece of the puzzle has an increased probability with this monster at 3 copies.

  • While also being a great Turn 1 play, Cyber Dragon Core has a great graveyard effect that lets players make plays requiring "Cyber Dragon" without relying on topdecks.

Cyber Dragon (0-2x)

Cyber Dragon
  • The original Cyber Dragon's usefulness comes in the fact it is "Cyber Dragon" in the hand and not just on the field or graveyard. With Cyber Dragon, you will always have an active Loading... no matter where it is.

Cyberload Fusion (2-3x)

Cyberload Fusion
  • This is your main fusion spell using your Field and Banish Zone as materials. This synergizes with Loading... - which banishes your monsters for you to then fuse with.

  • As a Quick-Play Spell, this card can be activated on your opponent's turn to destroy their newly set backrow. You can also dodge targeting effects and go for game after your monsters attack.

  • This card shuffles the fusion material back into the deck, recycling Loading... for more searches and avoiding deck-outs.

Cybernetic Fusion Support (1-3x)

Cybernetic Fusion Support

Cyber Dragon Vier (0-3x)

Cyber Dragon Vier
  • Cyber Dragon Vier is how you put multiple "Cyber Dragon" on the board off of 1 Summon. Since all your monsters act as "Cyber Dragon" on the field, you can always Special Summon this, giving Loading... two pops by default.

Cybernetic Overflow (2x)

Cybernetic Overflow
  • Following closely behind Loading... as the best card in the deck, this trap is your main form of monster and backrow removal. With the high probability of being able to pop 3 of your opponent's cards, you want to see Overflow as much as possible.

  • Being able to banish "Cyber Dragon(s)" of different levels from your hand, field, and/or graveyard gives this card immense flexibility as even if your monsters on the field were to be destroyed by Loading... or used as tribute for Loading... , "Cyber Dragon" monsters still act as "Cyber Dragon" while in the graveyard.

  • Your required different levels come from Loading... , Loading... (from Cyber Style ), Loading... , and Loading... .

  • This card DOES NOT TARGET, meaning if your opponent does not respond to the initial activation of this card, they will not have the opportunity to activate their cards and thus be destroyed.

  • Finally, if this card on the field were to be destroyed by card effect, you are able to search for either another Loading... or Loading... . You can proc this yourself, giving you more options depending on the situation.

  • Each effect can only be used Once Per Turn

Fusion Gate (2-3x)

Fusion Gate
  • Utilizes Loading... in order to turbo out the extra deck and OTK your opponent.

Extra Deck

Chimeratech Rampage Dragon (2-3x)

Chimeratech Rampage Dragon
  • This easy-to-summon Fusion Monster (requiring 2 or more "Cyber Dragon" monsters) functions as another form of backrow removal and as a game finisher. On summon, this card destroys Spell / Traps up to the number of fusion materials used (at least 2 pops).

  • After clearing your opponent's field, you can go for game with this card's secondary effect to gain up to two additional attacks by sending LIGHT Machine monsters from Deck to GY. Three direct attacks from this monster results in 6300 damage, which is lethal in almost every case.

  • The LIGHT Machine monsters that you send to the graveyard are very important as they set up future plays with Loading... . Your ideal targets are Loading... and Loading... , if possible, since you want different levels in your Graveyard.

Cyber End Dragon (1x)

Cyber End Dragon

Your biggest fusion monster, typically used to get over things that Loading... cannot get rid of, such as Loading... or other monsters with high ATK/DEF values. Easy to get out with Cyber Style.

Cyber Twin Dragon (1-2x)

Cyber Twin Dragon

2800 ATK monster that can attack twice. Big enough to go for game and attack over most monsters that Loading... cannot handle.

Chimeratech Overdragon (1-2x)

Chimeratech Overdragon

Overdragon provides an alternative way to out big monsters, with the potential of becoming even bigger than Loading... and clearing all opponents' monsters.

Tech Cards

Cosmic Cyclone

Cosmic Cyclone

The best backrow removal card in the game with the added benefit of paying 1000 LP to help trigger Cyber Style .

Offerings To The Doomed

Offerings To The Doomed
Additional generic monster removal.