Daily Rewards have been doubled and the Duel Meter bonus multiplier has been increased, it will now end at x6.


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Event Information

  • This event takes place from September 6th - September 13th.
  • Fill up your Duel Meter with points by dueling every day, accumulate points to receive rewards!
  • After some duels you'll get a bonus points multiplier - duel in KC Cup, Ranked Duels, against Legendary Duelists or the Vagabond to maximise your points!
  • You don't earn any points from dueling against the Vagrant.

Yours for reaching 2100 points is Loading... and 5600 Points is Loading... , read what the Top Player Council have to say about them below!

Top Player Council Thoughts

"What are your thoughts on Loading... ?"

look at god:

Interesting with Loading... and Loading... , Loading... (found in the leaks) too?

Mr. Cellophane:

Might be an anti-Loading... card in 5D's if that becomes a thing.


This card cannot be activated if the banished card is banished during the damage step or if it was banished as a cost. Here are all of the situations where you won't get to use Loading... :

  • When you tribute a Vampire monster that was special summoned by its effect, the tribute is banished by cost and therefore you cannot activate Zero Force.
  • When a monster is banished by Loading... , you cannot activate Zero Force because Onslaught's effect activates in the damage step.
  • When Loading... is activated as Chain Link 2, you cannot activate Zero Force because Chain Link 1 will have happened after the banish effect resulting in an instance where you miss the activation window.
  • When Loading... banishes to protect, you cannot activate Zero Force because you have once again banished as a cost.