Daily Rewards have been doubled and the Duel Meter bonus multiplier has been increased, it will now end at x6.


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Event Information

  • This event takes place from August 3rd- August 13th.
  • Fill up your Duel Meter with points by dueling every day, accumulate points to receive rewards!
  • After some duels you'll get a bonus points multiplier - Ranked Duels, against Legendary Duelists or the Vagabond to maximise your points!
  • You don't earn any points from dueling against the Vagrant.

Yours for reaching 3200 points is Loading... and 6800 Points is Loading... , read what the Top Player Council have to say about them below!

Top Player Council Thoughts

"What are your thoughts on Loading... ?"

Yehhey says:

You don't need me to tell you this card is trash.

Mr. Cellophane says:

Absolutely useless. How this constitutes a SR rarity is completely beyond me.

Negative1 says:

You don't need my thoughts on this card.