In case you missed it, This Week's Meta Weekly definitely had some spice, ranging from Infernity to Desperado. In the finals, however, we had Buns and his Witchcrafters besting Fakezix, the only HERO player that entered, in a quick two games. If you want to learn more about Buns you can check out his TPC Profile here!

Interview with Buns

How does it feel to win the Meta Weekly? How did your day go?

It feels amazing. Ever since I won the MCS a few months back I got a confidence boost and figured I needed to work on winning a Weekly too, so I've been at it ever since. I got unlucky in some of them but today I was very confident in my deck and thankfully didn't brick in Top Cut which helped alot.

The day went smooth for me, I faced mostly good matchups in Swiss and my hardest Top Cut game was the Witchcrafter mirror in Top 8. Thankfully I dodged the Blackwings but I had good sides for them just in case. Overall I'm just thrilled to have finally achieved this goal

A lot of people, including TPC, are mixed on where Witchcrafter sit in the meta, how do you feel about the Deck? Do you have any insights on why theres such a divide?

I think Witchcrafters are super strong in this meta with only Blackwings as a horrible matchup, forcing you to side heavily for them. Loading... allows u to play through disruption very well and I think Witchcrafters are good against the new Infernity deck as well.

I think the main reason for divide is the previous bad rep the deck has received, whether it's inexperienced players or bad builds leading to poor conversion, which doesn't show the deck's true potential. It reminds me of Pre-Nerf Thunder Dragons, where if you open well the other decks just won't have an answer to you and they'll eventually get outgrinded by all the Spell recycling

Anything you'd like to say about your Decklist?

Yea, I just wanna talk about Loading... and the Side Deck.

In my opinion, Loading... is the best backrow hate for Witchcrafters. However, Turn 1 Loading... from Blackwings hurts really badly so I opted to main the Storms and side Galaxy. There are some matchups where Loading... isn't amazing (like Gouki for example) so I take them out for the Galaxies.

The Loading... Side was for Blackwings to stop Loading... search and Infernities. Since Infernities rely a lot on going all-in on a single turn, a well timed Mistaken Arrest ruins that strategy and gives an easy win.

The Loading... is for the mirror, as cards like Storm and Galaxy Cyclone are dead there.

I think the meta is mostly fine, the only thing I'd change is to ban Loading... or Semi-Limit it at least to stop Blackwings from abusing it for easy Loading... access.

Lastly, do you have any Shoutouts you would like to make?

Just want to make a shoutout to my Team Abusement Park and my Clan De~Fusion for supporting me and helping me improve as a player. Also to my previous clan members from Vorpal Swords who also helped me, who I wish the best of luck in the next Clan Wars Season.

And thanks to Dkayed and the DLM mods for hosting / modding enjoyable tournaments every week.

Winning Decklist:

That's all we got for this DLM Champion spotlight! What kind of questions should we be asking in the future? Comment down below!