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About DE-Fusion

DE-Fusion is a mix of German and other European players. The DE stands for Germany, as most of our clan are from here, Fusion because we came together as a European force to be reckoned with. You’ll probably know some of us from the YCS, KCC Top 100, TPC, Tourneys and of course due to us having participated in other clans beforehand.

  1. Drizzels: Also known as the emperor, who tries to take over Duel Links with the help of his two cats.
  2. RaW: Former worlds player and the only player, who plays an MCS in da club.
  3. NaW: The brother of RaW.
  4. ThreeD: Rumours say he’s living in the D-Cave to save the world.
  5. oHiMi: Meme and emote expert, clapped with heroes before stratos.
  6. Frost: The abandoned son of the Golden Castle of Stromberg.
  7. mudtke: He reaches his final form, when he drinks milk.
  8. andythecore: The author of this bio. Don’t mind him, he’s probably playing a meme deck.
  9. Mani K: The fusion of the tormentor and Barney Stinson.
  10. Pelendones: He needs silence to play, but loves to talk while playing.
  11. Suhnrysanti: Expect him in the top spots of KCC’s and YCS, but rarely appears in tourneys.
  12. ChuChuMTFKR: Rumours say his name exists, because he hits like a train.
  13. heyheycraig: The most famous beard of the community.
  14. Jano: He’s a schlange that’s all you need to know.
  15. MetaBeat: He reaches his final form, when he drank too much the day before