Hello there. My name is

. Some might remember me under my old username DanielYGO, and today I am going to present you my thoughts on the current metagame. First up, you will be able to see my Tier List with slight tendencies in which direction it is moving up or down, after that I will give my thoughts on the state of the metagame, and last but not least, I will explain more of the archetypes in detail.

Umso' s Meta Snapshot:

The deck(s) to beat
  • Harpies - (still best deck)

  • Melodious - (counters the counter decks for Harpie)

Lower-power counters to the Top Decks with better consistency
  • D/D/D - (one of the strongest engines in the format with a great Harpie matchup)
Decks that need to be respected but have significant issues with power, consistency, utility, and/or Side Deck
Destiny HEROs
Magnet Warriors
  • Destiny HEROs - (has a great Harpie matchup struggles with side)

  • Gaia - (It is fine. D/D/D does not replace it. They are too different)

  • Magnet Warriors - (has a very solid engine [no pun intended])

Rogue Decks

Decks with potential to rise thanks to a change in the meta
Thunder Dragons
  • Thunder Dragons - (Levi go brr Part 2)

New Box